Businesses create trophy for humane society plunge

December 23, 2011|Cathy Grantham | Around Maugansville

The Polar Bear Plunge is just a few days away, and as the town of Williamsport is preparing for the New Year's Day festivities, two local businesses are making preparations of their own.  

Jimmy Jewells, owner of Jewells & Jewells of Williamsport,  and Kathryn Meyers, owner of K&R Engraving in Hagerstown, have created a special trophy for the event called the Our Gang Did It!

Hoping to bring added attention to the Williamsport Polar Bear Plunge, a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Washington County, Jewells and Meyers created the trophy that will be awarded to the largest team of polar bears at the event.

"We wanted to help raise more money for the humane society and this seemed like a really fun incentive for people," Jewells said.

"This will be a trophy that the winners will proudly display for the year they have it," Meyers said.

The team with the largest number of individuals taking part in the event will earn the honor of having their name inscribed on a brass plaque on the trophy and will have the trophy to display for a year.  

They will return the trophy for presentation to the next year's winning team the next New Year's Day.  

Individuals interested in competing for the trophy should look for the Jewells & Jewells truck that will be at River Bottom Park on New Year's Day. Ask for Jewells.

Registration for the Polar Bear Plunge can be done online at until Friday, Dec. 30, or by contacting the shelter at 301-733-2060. Polar bears can also sign up at the event on New Year's Day.

Greetings from Pastor Sean Coffey

Dear friends of Maugansville,

Merry Christmas. The staff at Maugansville Bible Brethren Church wants to wish God's rich blessing upon your family and lives. Remember, the greatest gift ever given was born in a stable, not in a palace; raised by the common, not the rich, and given freely to all who will receive. Don't miss the miracle of Christmas. God bless."

Holiday wishes from Rosalie Ridenour

Special holiday wishes to the Maugansville Ruritan for the many community services they provide and for providing the recycling service. Happy holidays to one and all.

Home for the holidays

I hope all of you can share this holiday with your family and friends in your home or theirs. I hope you can enjoy your freedom to worship anywhere you choose. I am thankful that many of our soldiers have been able to come home to stay with their families, and I pray for the soldiers who are still far away from their loved ones. I am grateful for those unselfish people who continue to work during the holidays in our hospitals, nursing homes, fire departments, police departments and other public places so that the rest of us can stay safe and comfortable. For all of you who continue to sacrifice for the good of others, I wish you a very safe and happy holiday so that you too can be home with your loved ones.

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