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December 18, 2011
  • Some drivers use the shoulder of eastbound Salem Avenue (Md. 58) to make a right turn onto Broadfording Road, which can make turning right onto Broadfording from the right lane more difficult.
By Colleen McGrath/Staff Photographer

The problem: Drivers turning right from eastbound Salem Avenue (Md. 58) onto Broadfording Road seem to think they can make a right turn from the southern shoulder of the road, Mercersburg, Pa., resident Lisa McCulloh said.

“If you happen to be in the ‘legal’ lane with the intent of making a right onto Broadfording, many vehicles, particularly at this time of year, will already be in the shoulder making a right onto Broadfording and there is potential for accidents,” McCulloh wrote in an email. “The area either needs to be painted with a crosshatch indicating that it is not a turn lane, or some type of sign should be erected.”

Who could fix it: Maryland State Highway Administration

What they say: SHA spokesman David Buck said the SHA would put up a “do not drive on shoulder” sign about 30 to 50 feet prior to the intersection. The sign will need to be ordered and fabricated at the SHA’s sign shop and should be installed by the end of January, Buck said.

Painting a crosshatch over the shoulder is unusual and is “probably not something that motorists would understand,” he said.

“There’s not a whole lot more from a traffic engineering perspective,” Buck said. “It’s just, unfortunately, people that are jumping the gun getting illegally on the shoulder causing an issue.”

Buck said the SHA contacted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and Sheriff Douglas W. Mullendore said he would alert Hagerstown Police Department about the problem to see if they could increase the police presence at the intersection.

 — Compiled by Heather Keels

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