Letter to the Editor - Dec 13

December 13, 2011

Western Maryland wants Joe Krysztoforski

To the editor:

I'm writing in regard to the Nov. 17, "On The Campaign Trail" about Roscoe Bartlett's sparse fundraising as an indication that he may not run, and 'in response to a letter published, on Nov. 5 from Laura Mineles discussing Joseph Krysztoforski. It doesn't matter if Bartlett follows through or not, Western Maryland has rallied behind Joseph Krysztoforski, his Republican primary opponent who recently received the endorsement of Allegany County's Conservative Caucus. Over the last year I've come to know, admire and respect Krysztoforski.

I first met Joe during the 2010 election cycle in the Washington County area. He and I spoke at length about the direction of our nation. Joe loves our country, and strongly believes in the foundation of our constitution. He sees the expansion of government and its intrusions into our lives as a serious matter.

As a husband and father, Joe is deeply aware of the pain that rising food and gas prices are causing families across Western Maryland. As a self-made businessman and educator, Joe understands the financial struggles facing our nation, and offers bold, common-sense solutions to create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and eliminate our nation's debt and deficit.

I have come to know Joe as a sincere and dedicated man, committed to serving our country and restoring our nation's strength and freedom. Joe is running for Congress in the 6th Congressional District. I agree with  Mineles when she states, "Krysztoforski's message of limited government, fiscal responsibility, energy self-reliance and enforcement of immigration laws is resonating with me and other residents" in Western Maryland.

I urge you to support Joe Krysztoforski in his bid for Congress.

Jim Woods
Washington County

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