Letters to the Editor - Dec. 7

December 06, 2011

Let’s speak in the only language big business understands

To the editor:
The recent reversal by Bank of America of its intent to charge its customers $5 a month to use its debit cards is something that the Occupy Wall Street folks should use to their advantage.
Instead of blocking sidewalks and disrupting public transportation preventing working people from earning a living, they should organize a nationwide or worldwide boycott of a single bank. The results would have a significant impact on that bank and would be an example to other banks to change their ways and stop gouging merchants and consumers.
The same tactic should be used against a single oil company, a single health insurance provider, etc.  The results could be significant and get better results than camping out in public parks.
What would the demands of such boycotts be?
  Some rational compensation scheme for company executives.
 A reasonable profit margin and not profit at all costs.
 Safer products.
 More made in America products.
 Call centers in the U.S., not India.
We have yielded control of our government and society to a very small group of people — a group that is now controlling almost every aspect of our lives. Instead of them working for us, we have become slaves to them. Many of us are just getting by from week to week while they get compensated for generating more money for the company regardless of what it does to the working man, community or country.
Our elected officials continue to point fingers at one another while we continue to feel the effects of their refusal to do anything. Please don’t fall for what either side is saying. The fact is both sides are responsible.
For more than 200 years this country has functioned with two major parties and survived. The parties are not the problem, the elected officials are the problem.
We need to boycott some companies and all of our elected officials.

Cliff Lane
Black Rock

Thanks to the people of Smithsburg

To the editor:
I want to thank the people and businesses of Smithsburg.  Last Monday my dachshund Bitsy went missing. Businessses allowed me to post fliers, and numerous folks helped me look for her, including my co-worker Penny Long and Rheanna of Brocroft Kennels. Without everyone’s help she may not have been found.
The star of the hour is Daren Malcom; he actually noticed Bitsy going up someone’s driveway, and called my home. He then found us looking in the wrong area, and took us to the correct house. She was cold, and had lost some weight, but otherwise was fine.
Once again, thanks to everyone.

Charlene Barnes

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