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December 06, 2011

Former town councilman remembered

SMITHSBURG — Smithsburg Town Council members Tuesday night remembered Charles J. “Bud” Lucassen, a former council member and longtime familiar face in town who died on Thanksgiving morning.

Besides his time on the council, Lucassen served on various committees in town, and council member Donnie Souders remembered Lucassen for doing “everything humanly” possible in the community.

Mayor Mildred “Mickey” Myers said she first met Lucassen, 82, when she went to a road on which he lived. Work on the road had not been completed and Lucassen was “not a happy camper,” Myers said.


Excess water in sewer lines proves costly

SMITHSBURG — The town of Smithsburg had to pay $14,600 in November for excess water that flowed into the town’s sewer lines, town officials said at the regular Smithsburg Town Council meeting Tuesday night.

Council member Troy Jernigan raised concerns about the issue and said it’s not being addressed “with any urgency.”

Mayor Mildred “Mickey” Myers said water infiltration into sewer lines is a constant issue in town. The town uses a video camera to keep track of problems in lines, and all priority areas have been dealt with up until now. Myers said.

Council members talked about how the current problem might be in the area of a stormwater pond along Geiser Way.

A video camera in the line shows it “falling off” underground at one point, town officials said.

Candidate finance report requirement approved

SMITHSBURG — For the first time, candidates for office in Smithsburg will have to follow a reporting procedure regarding how much money they spend in campaigns.

Smithsburg Town Council members passed the ordinance Tuesday night and it will go into effect in 20 days, town officials said.

The law follows the town’s last election, in which a candidate for the council requested donations through a website, something that has never happened before, said Mayor Mildred “Mickey” Myers.

Under the law, candidates for town office who plan on collecting up to $1,500 will be required to sign a document stating they will not raise any more than that amount, Myers said.

Then, the candidates will have to file a report at the end of their campaign, verifying they raised and spent less than $1,500, she said.

Candidates who raise more than $1,500 will have to follow a more detailed reporting process that includes listing the amount and origin of their contributions, she said.

Proposal extends parking distance from hydrants

SMITHSBURG — Smithsburg Town Council members Tuesday night introduced a proposed new law that requires vehicles to park 15 feet from fire hydrants in town.

Vehicles must currently park five feet from fire hydrants. The new ordinance is designed to follow a state requirement for parking distances from hydrants, said Town Manager Betsy Martin.

The council is expected to consider a final vote on the measure next month.

— Dave McMillion

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