Letter to the Editor - Nov. 28

November 28, 2011

What we need is an old-fashioned Democrat

To the editor:

Confident in my national family, I wait for the emergence of a Democrat leader. I do not mean the middle of the road realist who calculates the best chance of winning elections. I mean the individual unafraid to lose.

I wait for the individual who presents a voice that cuts to the essence of the Democratic theme. Come what may, this voice will not waiver, never retreat except to achieve more than it yields.

I wait for a Democrat who is squarely ensconced in the worker’s interest. Who is it that will call forth in us the old themes of yore? Where is the voice that calls for recognition that corporations are established to support the people, not the other way around? I feel the pendulum is madly swinging beyond all reason in favor of these bullies who define strength as “making the hard decisions” that hurt the weak and the poor.

Do any of you really think that Social Security ought to be shaped and “amended” by persons who never, ever will rely on its provisions?

Millionaires will not recognize the single parent’s concerns over retirement. That worker who sets the alarm a half hour earlier so that he or she can have a moment alone over a cup of coffee before getting the children off onto the bus and driving to work. That worker who takes two ibuprofen because his or her feet still ache from the day before, so that he or she may perform at a job he or she hates, for an employer who hates him or her, considers him or her to be a “cost to be contained.”

That worker who, when setting down the cup looks to rosy fingered dawn over the mountain, raises the eyes and asks, “please, give me strength ... to make it to 65.”

Move the target on this worker? Shift the payday another two years or so? You have got to be kidding. Unconscionable. Not from my national government. Not from the United Sates of America.

Where is Franklin Delano? Where is Abraham? Lyndon? Hubert?

Charles Bailey

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