Mail Call - Nov. 24

November 24, 2011

“This is in reference to downtown stores not doing any business and moving out. Well, I’ll tell you what I think the problem is. The stores are kind of expensive. They’re not for the average person. I mean, look at the downtown when we had Newberry’s and McCrory’s and a dollar store, the Snow White Grill. We had business then. So think about it. You need to put some more reasonable priced stores down there. It’s that simple.”

— Hagerstown

“I recently purchased a new cargo trailer to pull behind my vehicle — a very big one — and it cost $613 to register it in the state of Maryland. I think increasing the registration fees by 50 percent is a really good idea.”

— Keedysville

“You know, I was just thinking, since John McCain and Joe Leiberman and that other guy, this congressman from South Carolina, don’t want President Obama to bring our troops home and wants to keep them over there, they’re war hawks. Why don’t they bring the troops home, then give them uniforms and a rifle and send them over? Fact, it’d be a good idea. Put parachutes on them and bail them out over there, and they get over there faster.”

— Hagerstown


“Joe Paterno was falsely fired from Penn State. 1. If you see a crime committed, call police. 2. If you suspect a crime is about to be committed, call police. 3. If a victim reports to you a crime has been committed, call police. 4. If someone tells you a crime has been committed, hold it — hearsay is no reason to call police. Go back to 1. above. Joe Paterno did the right thing, he reported up the line at Penn State what he had heard and who claimed it about whom. At this point I am not sure a conviction for any crime has been determined.”

— South End

“Just thought I would share an idea my mother taught me years ago, and since the post office is in money trouble right now, I think we should all do this. She would take all the junk mail that she would get, and as long as it had a prepaid envelope to send back to them, she would just switch some of the ads around and send it back to them. She told me to just make sure I did not send anything with my name or address on it. It only takes a few minutes to do, and this helps the post office.”

— Mercersburg, Pa.

“Bill Kohler and many others are condemning Penn State for the recent sex abuse by one man, and the failure to report it to the authorities by five or more university employees. It is unfair to blame the school for the actions or failure to act by a few individuals. The school is much bigger than a few people. The school should not be held responsible.”

— Greencastle, Pa.

“Every veteran has volunteered to sacrifice life and limb to serve America at home and abroad. Spitting, killing and/or demonstrating against the military should be a capital offense punishable by death. The government sends our men and women into harm’s way. They follow orders. ... Anyone who undermines military service personnel should be snatched up and shipped off to basic training, to either serve their right to demonstrate, or shipped off to the Marxist country of their choice. This would go a long way to reinstate the patriotism that secular humanist progressives has destroyed by teachers and professors in our learning institutions.”

— Martinsburg, W.Va.

“As a combat veteran whose homecoming over 40 years ago was less than welcome, I wish to express my deepest appreciation and say thanks to all the people, organizations and restaurants who have been so kind to all us veterans. It fills my heart with such pride to see where we have come as a nation, from what we were so long ago.”

— Maugansville

“I would like to thank Coach Stottlemyer for his dedication and devotion as a teacher and a coach to lots of students and athletes at South Hagerstown High School.”

— Hagerstown

“For all I care, they could put a roundabout on every corner in Hagerstown. As long as the put a naked statue in the middle of them, like the one at City Park.”

— Funkstown

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