Letters to the Editor - Nov. 23

November 23, 2011

Thanks to all involved with Heart & Stroke Walk

To the editor:

On behalf of the Franklin/Fulton Division Board of Directors, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Heart & Stroke Walk committee, event sponsors, team leaders, volunteers, walkers, in-kind donors and the many individual and business contributors who financially supported the American Heart Association’s Mason Dixon Heart & Stroke Walk.

We offer special recognition to Event Chairman Cindy Richards for providing excellent leadership to this event, which to date has netted over $131,000, exceeding our 2010 net. We also extend a special thank you to Phil Cosentino, who served as our Red Cap Spokesperson, representing the many heart and stroke survivors of Franklin, Fulton and Washington counties. Our appreciation also goes to media sponsor Main Line Broadcasting and to the Greencastle-Antrim School District for permitting us to use their elementary school grounds for our start/finish location and to Food Lion and Sheetz for their significant in-kind contributions.

Proceeds raised through the Heart & Stroke Walk will help advance public policy favorable to improved heart health; will provide vital information about cardiovascular diseases and stroke to patients and the medical community; and, through research grants, will turn scientists’ discoveries into advances that save lives.

During these challenging economic times, the generosity provided by countless individuals and businesses who supported this event is tremendously gratifying. This community support is a testimony to the concern we share for heart disease and stroke, and the promise the American Heart Association offers to improve the lives of those who will be affected by cardiovascular diseases and stroke in the future.

Patrick Evans, president
Franklin/Fulton Division Board of Directors
American Heart Association

Penn State scandal should open our eyes

To the editor:

As a Pennsylvanian and a pastor, it grieves me to see what is happening at Penn State. However, based on my experience in the ministry, I am sad to say I am not surprised. There are people in this country who regularly use positions of power to force their way on children. While in this case we are dealing possibly with an assistant coach, anyone paying attention to their newspaper knows about teachers, social workers, politicians, government officials, and yes, painfully, even clergy, among many others. The bad news is that these people have sought out these positions deliberately in order to have easy access to children.

The worst part is how often these people get away with it, often for years. After all, these are people who have shown otherwise wonderful qualities, and we just can not quite believe they would really be child sex abusers. That is exactly the attitude these people depend upon, in order to take advantage of children. Indeed, they cultivate that attitude by how they live otherwise.

It is essential for us to take the time and effort to do the research into these types of people and how we can handle them. The resources are out there from many respected organizations. We must learn about them, and we must stop them for the sake of our children.

The Rev. John F. Helgeson
Chambersburg, Pa.

GOP has slowed economic recovery efforts

To the editor:

The banks and Wall Street were bailed out by George W. Bush in October 2008, a month before Barack Obama was elected.

President Obama bailed out the auto industry, which has since repaid the loans. They have reopened closed plants and hired hundreds of workers.

The 111th Congress under Nancy Pelosi was the most productive in history. The House passed and sent to the Senate 280 bills, many of which would have helped the struggling economy. In the Senate, they were filibustered (stopped dead in their tracks) by the GOP.

Why, you ask, would anyone not want to help the American people? Because a few weeks after the new president was sworn in, Sen. McConnell said their top goal was to make sure he was not re-elected. How? Keep the economy from recovering.

During the 110th and 111th Congress, the Republicans used the filibuster a record 275 times. From 1917 to 1987 — 70 years — the filibuster was used 307 times. All of this information comes from the Senate website. To see for yourself, go to

To close, I will list the things the GOP is against: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, minimum wage, food stamps, unions, equal rights, women’s rights, unemployment insurance, disability benefits, clean air, clear water, good roads and bridges, and good education.

So I would guess that if you have a crystal ball and know you will never need a hand up, you will be against these programs. If they are done away with and you have an accident and can’t work and can’t feed your family, where will the help come from for you?

I personally like government and all it does for regular Americans. The deficit is so high now because so many are out of work and need help. Think about it. Are we so cold we don’t care anymore?

The Democrats care about the poor and the middle class. The GOP is for guns, war and the rich.

I will sign this as a liberal Democrat and mighty proud of it.

Grace Myers

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