What's wrong with this picture?

November 20, 2011
  • A car whizzes past sticks on Wolfsville Road that were painted over when the road's lines were repainted.
By Kevin G. Gilbert/Staff Photographer

The problem: Wolfsville Road resident Sam Bricker wrote in Nov. 13 about the condition of Wolfsville Road in Washington County.

“Not only is there still storm debris in the traveled portion of the highway, but last week the lines were repainted and they painted right over the debris,” Bricker wrote. “No attempt was made to remove it before or during the painting operation.

“In addition, Wolfsville Road was in horrible condition after the snowstorm,” he said. “It was only plowed in one lane over most of its length; the plows avoided even the smallest of twigs on the roadway. This made for a very unsafe situation as people were coming from Frederick County, where Wolfsville Rd. is a state road and was completely clear.”

Who could fix it: Washington County

What they say: Washington County Public Works Director Joseph Kroboth III provided the following response:

“Washington County properties and roadways were significantly affected by the first snowstorm event on Oct. 29. Since then, crews have been diligently working to clear debris, fallen trees and remove debris from bridge structures that have clogged the openings. This section of road is passable and is on the list to have the remainder of the debris cleared. Given a limited work force, we must prioritize the work areas. As can be seen in the photo, the traveled way of the road is clear and passable. When the crews arrive in this area, the road will be swept clear.

“Regarding the painting of the lines over debris, this is a valid complaint. The work was contracted by a private-sector company and had already been deemed unacceptable. The private contractor has been advised of the unacceptable work and will complete the work again at their expense. Washington County contracts out all of its line-painting operations at this time.”


— Compiled by Heather Keels

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