Let's talk more than turkey with these books

November 17, 2011|Lesley Mason | Kids Ink

Sink your teeth into these delicious Thanksgiving titles.

"Over the River and Through the Wood: The New England Boy's Song About Thanksgiving Day," by L. Maria Child (Ages 3 to 5)

Illustrations by Matt Tavares accompany Child's original lyrics of this timely song about a family's visit to their grandparents for Thanksgiving. This is a great "read to me" book.

"The Ugly Pumpkin," by Dave Horowitz (Ages 3 to 5)

The Ugly Pumpkin has waited all through October for someone to take him home, but no one wants him. He doesn't look like other pumpkins. So the lonely Ugly Pumpkin leaves the patch in search of a place where he'll fit in. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, he discovers the truth about who he is — but it's not what he expected. This is a great Thanksgiving twist on the "ugly ducking" tale.

"Beauty and the Beaks: A Turkey's Cautionary Tale," by Mary Jane Auch (Ages 5 to 7)

This is an over-the-top chicken tale about a beauty shop, a vain Tom turkey and Thanksgiving Day dinner. One day, a self-important turkey enters The Chic Hen Salon and announces that he's been invited to a special dinner. When Beauty, the owner of the salon, discovers that he is not invited for dinner but as dinner, she and the other hens strategize to save the frantic fowl.

"The Memory Cupboard: A Thanksgiving Story," by Charlotte Herman (Ages 5 to 7)

When Katie breaks her grandmother's cherished gravy boat during Thanksgiving dinner, her grandmother shows her that love is more important than objects.

"Thanksgiving on Thursday," by Mary Pope Osbourne (Ages 7 to 9)

The Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to the eve of the first Thanksgiving. There they meet the Pilgrims as well as Squanto, a Native American who helped them. The story offers an age-appropriate, in-depth picture of what life was really like for early settlers, as well as the usual Magic Tree House adventure and excitement.

"Gooney Bird and the Room Mother," by Lois Lowry (Ages 7 to 9)

Gooney Bird Greene likes to be right smack in the middle of everything. That's why she wants to have the lead role of Squanto in her class Thanksgiving pageant. But that role will go to whomever finds someone to be the room mother. All the parents are so busy, no one can bring cupcakes to the play. Gooney Bird Greene to the rescue. She finds a room mother all right, but promises not to tell who it is until the day of the play. Now the kids are really busy getting ready for the show. But will the mystery room mother really show up?

"Best Friend Emma," by Sally Warner (Ages 9 to 12)

When a new girl named Krysten joins her third-grade class just before Thanksgiving, Emma thinks only about gaining her friendship before Cynthia can. But in the process Emma hurts her current best friend Annie Pat's feelings. Can Emma make up with Annie Pat and be Krysten's friend as well? Or will she be left alone with no friends at all?

"Love the One You're With," by Cecily von Ziegesar (Ages 13 and older)

It's Thanksgiving, and the Carlyle triplets are thankful to be escaping the New York City cold — they're jetting to the tropics and bringing all their friends along for the ride. This is the last title of the series "Gossip Girl, The Carlyles."

Lesley Mason is children and teen librarian at Washington County Free Library.

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