Letters to the Editor - Nov. 14

November 14, 2011

Thanks to all involved with Step ‘n Stride

To the editor:

On behalf of all of us who have benefited from having Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley in this community, I want to thank The Herald-Mail Co. and Antietam Cable Television for their support during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I also want to thank all the sponsors of our fundraising and awareness events for their tremendous support.    

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank the walkers and their sponsors at the BCA-CV Step ’n Stride. Because of this strong community support, we will continue to serve persons in the Tri-State area by providing the most comprehensive early detection and after-diagnosis program in the nation.

BCA-CV is here for those who cannot wait for a cure.

Monda Sagalkin, president
Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley

Republicans should turn to Haggard, Nelson and Jones

To the editor:

These are my words of advice to the Republican party. Forget about Mitt Romney. Pass on Rick Perry and overlook Herman Cain.

Why not pick Merle Haggard as your candidate to be president? He can have Willie Nelson as his running mate.

Merle will represent the working man and Willie will help the farmer.

And when it comes time for them to make decisions, they can consult with George Jones to help them make their “Choices.”

Haggard, Nelson and Jones could concentrate their efforts on important issues like the economy and Social Security instead of defending themselves against scandals and smears.

After all, there aren’t too many crazy things these three old boys haven’t done. And, you know the best part about it all, they’ve made their wrongdoings known to all of us. They’ve kept no secrets.

It’s unfortunate that Johnny and Waylon aren’t still with us. If elected president, Merle could appoint them Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, respectively.

George A. Coyle

Letter writer misunderstands coalition’s purpose

To the editor:

I read a recent letter to the editor with some concern. The writer does not seem to understand the purpose of the Interfaith Coalition which is to promote peace among all people having different beliefs.

The writer states that nearly 5 billion people who are not Christians are considered to be enemy of God. Non-Christians include Jews who believe in God the Creator like the Muslims do. How can the writer reconcile the command of love your neighbors regardless of their beliefs? After all, the Ten Commandments were given to Israelis and constitute part of the Bible, which states: “God will judge between many peoples and will settle disputes for strong nations far and wide. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against Nation, now will they train for war anymore.” (Micah 4-5).

This quotation must be understood as a peace-promoting statement among God’s people, who are created by Him. If He wished, He would make us a single community. He did not do so in order to test us with what He has given us. He has given us the rule that we should obey, and we should not pick and choose only a small portion of religion but consider its entirety. This is not the time to cause mischief by emphasizing the difference in religions. As the Bible states: “Almighty has spoken. All the nations may walk in the name of their God.”

S.V. Yumlu

Police, youth both used poor judgement

To the editor:

In an article on page A1 of the Nov. 8 Herald-Mail titled “Police say teen pointed gun at them,” I am troubled by the reported actions of two plainclothes officers at 1 a.m. on the streets of Hagerstown.

If I were walking anywhere at 1 a.m. and a car bearing two males pulled alongside me and simply asked, “What’s up?” I would be fearful and suspicious. The article does not say if the officers were in a marked car, and since they were not in uniform, I’m thinking they were in an unmarked car.

I am not defending the teenager pulling a gun, or for that matter being on the streets at 1 a.m. Perhaps the cruising/patrolling at that hour has something to do with increased gang and drug activity in the area. But certainly, without identifying themselves as police officers, turning the car around in view of the teenagers and continuing to observe them was a threatening gesture on the part of the police officers. I don’t think I would have known what to do in that case myself.

If these youngsters have no previous record, I hope they have a good lawyer and will learn a lesson from this incident. In my opinion, there was poor judgement on the part of the police officers as well as the youths.

Cindy Baughman
Chambersburg, Pa.

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