Mail Call - Nov. 15

November 14, 2011

“Sounds like roundabouts are the latest answer to road intersection problems. Wonder who the genius is. I bet 20 or so years from now, they will be pronounced hazards and will need to need to be eliminated. Makes work, doesn’t it?”
— Greencastle, Pa.

“I would think several small-scale senior centers would make sense for Washington County because of the area involved. Waynesboro uses a church for their center, Greencastle built a small building. I’m sure there are many underused buildings in Washington County that would work just fine. Tell your county commissioners ‘no’ to the one proposed.”
— Waynesboro, Pa.

“Fellow Americans, wake up and remember on election day which ones of your elected officials is saying they have to cut Social Security and Medicare. Entitlements, yes — ones you and I paid for, not them. I am pretty sure it comes off your check every week.”
— Falling Waters, W.Va.

“I’m on disability. I’m wondering if anybody out there could tell me what I could do with my empty medicine bottles. I have a good many of them at the end of each month, and I’d like to give them to an organization or somebody that could reuse them. If somebody could tell me, put it in Mail Call. I would appreciate it. The little medicine bottles that you get a prescription in each month.”
— Hagerstown

“I finally figured out why the Steelers fans are always waving the little yellow flags. They’re surrendering. The way the Ravens beat, thumped them in Baltimore, and then beat them on their home field, they’re waving their little yellow flags to surrender. Go, Ravens.”
— Smithsburg

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