Which comics do you love? Tell us and you might win a $50 gift card

November 11, 2011

Comic strips have become part of our pop culture so much that often we can recognize the comic by certain phrases: "Good grief!" (Charlie Brown from "Peanuts"); "Oh, Mr. Wilson." (Dennis from "Dennis the Menace") and "Do I smell lasagna?" (Garfield from "Garfield.")

Some comics have truly connected with audiences while others have not. We are asking comics fans to tell us to rate the comics that The Herald-Mail publishes Monday through Saturday.

Voters will help determine which comics remain. The Herald-Mail prepares to cut its Monday through Saturday comics offerings to one page from the more than two pages that we publish now.

The two pages of comics are holdovers from when The Herald-Mail Co. published two daily papers — The Daily Mail and The Morning Herald — each with distinct comics pages. When the papers were combined into a single daily edition in 2007, The Herald-Mail retained both pages. Then, when The Herald-Mail was redesigned in 2008, some comics spilled over onto the Daily Break page.

But now we need to hold the comics to one page and cut the rest to allow us to use the freed up space for more news and advertising.

To help ensure that we keep comics that resonate with Herald-Mail readers, please let us know which are your favorite comics. Please rate the comics from one to five, one being "never read" and five being "read every day."

Opinion page comics will not be cut, and Sunday comics should remain the same for the most part. Sunday comics will only change if we wind up cutting a comic that has an ongoing story arc that continues from day to day. If one of those types of comics proves be unpopular, it would be cut from the Sunday comics as well as from the rest of the week's pages.

Voters will be eligible for a random drawing for a $50 gift card to AC&T. Only those who have completely filled out the form are eligible for the drawing.;

Rules are simple: include your full name; age; gender; daytime phone number; frequency of reading the newspaper; frequency of reading the comics and list one new comic you would like to see added (optional).

Entries can be submitted by filling out the form found in the newspaper, or click on this link for Comics Survey. Those who register online and complete the online form may be eligible for other prizes.

Only one entry per person. Herald-Mail and Schurz Communications Inc. employees and their families are not eligible for the drawing.

We'll announce which comics will remain in early December.

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