Koelble: Ohio State's saga pales to Penn State's

November 08, 2011|By TIM KOELBLE

I don’t hide the fact I am a Notre Dame and Ohio State fan.

Unfortunately there were activities going on and off the field in recent years that put us Buckeye fans in distress.

Key players, such as Terrelle Pryor, were suspended, and Jim Tressel resigned as head coach.

I know Jim Tressel and knew his father, Lee. A great family. Jim was a man that I always knew to be an up-front kinda person.

Needless to say, I was stunned with the allegations from the tattoo-parlor scandal in which he lied and covered up the actions.

Now, we have Penn State and the child sex-abuse scandal that has ripped through the country.

As a fan or not of Penn State, there is only one way to feel about this. (What I really feel can’t be printed.)

By now you should know assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested on charges of sexually abusing eight young boys.

In one case, coach Joe Paterno was made aware of a situation and reported it.

It appears Paterno felt he went through the proper channel to report the incident. But, if I am in Paterno’s shoes, I think I’d want to find out anything and everything around me that is, or had been, going on. Allegedly, that never happened.

Sandusky, at one point, had been considered the eventual head coach whenever Paterno left. He eventually resigned his position in 1999.

The appropriate measures are beginning to take place in State College. Two other university officials have been charged and are out of work. And it should not stop there.

University President Graham Spanier should resign. And again, don’t stop there.

I really don’t even know if it is proper for Paterno to coach the final home game of the season on Saturday against Nebraska. But I do feel the university needs to either fire Paterno, or ask for his resignation.

Be it immediately, or after the regular season, I don’t know which is better. But it must be quick and to the point.

This story is much more than any NCAA investigation of improper benefits involving players, agents and booster members.

It makes me sick. Anyone associated with Paterno makes me sick.

Penn State needs to clean house immediately, starting from the top.

Tim Koelble is a staff writer for The Herald-Mail. He can be reached at 301-791-7376 or

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