Mail Call - Nov. 9

November 08, 2011

"Maybe one item doesn't relate to the other one, but in the Wednesday, Nov. 2, paper, county approves building of a transit museum — we don't have money to build decent roads like West Virginia is, going to the three-lane highway and everything, but we got money to build a transit museum? Give me a break, people. You got people starving out there in the U.S. and in Maryland everywhere, and we're going to build a transit museum? I bet you a lot of seniors don't go to that building out there at Robinwood when they get done with it. I think it's a waste of money for both of them. That's only my opinion."

— Hancock

"I'm a 67-year-old lady. I used to always go to the library. It was a great way to relax and read, but with your new way of doing it, all the books aren't in one place, and I don't walk that far now. I can't walk to the North End, South End, and everywhere else. And the one downtown is not big enough to have the books that everybody can read and enjoy. Something's been left out, when you're trying to get it for the older people, or for people that don't walk. I just wish that there was another way to enjoy books, besides think about what I used to have, and you've even taken away the old used book stores."

— Hagerstown

"The public that's calling in about the mail being delayed in the area needs to make an extra phone call to our congressmen and senators, to explain to them how the mail is being delayed, and there's not enough room down in Baltimore for this mail in this area to be sending. People need to make a stand and get this taken care of before the finalization of the plant is closed in Frederick. The mail being delayed is only going to be worse than it is now."

— Hagerstown

"There has been a lot of articles regarding Washington County Fire & Rescue Association lately. First of all, don't blame the fire companies, or their fundraisers, like bingo, etc. Keep supporting your fire or rescue companies, you might need them one day. Plus, remember, a lot of the personnel in the companies are volunteers. So if you don't support your fire or rescue companies, the county commissioners will probably add a fire tax, and you don't want that. Also, the problem lies with the association and how they handle the money. So don't believe in what you read; that is only one version. You should hear it from your fire and rescue companies. I'm a volunteer and I love what I do and been doing it for over 30 years, and I believe in our companies."

— Hagerstown

"We were part of the power outage from the recent snowstorm, and yes, it was inconvenient, but we got through it, and I just want to commend (Potomac Edison). They worked very, very hard to get us back up and restore our power. A great big thanks to them."

— Mount Lena

"A few years back the school board said we need more schools because of all the new homes going up here in Washington County, and all the new families moving into the county. Now that the housing boom has busted, could that mean we may not need the new schools that are on the drawing board? Could it mean in the future we may close a school or two?"

— Lappans

"Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter. Why would you want someone from Montgomery County representing us? This is ridiculous, and if you vote for this guy, woe be to us."

— Brightwood Acres East

"I was just sitting here reading Mail Call, about the unions. If it wouldn't be for the unions, people wouldn't be making what they're making right now. Sure, some of the unions are bad, but not all of them. How about the government? They're just as crooked. They're just as bad. So why should you cut up the unions, when our country's in bad shape?"

— Maugansville

"This is to address the concerns of the Clear Spring caller. A nurse practitioner is a highly educated professional who has schooling equivalent to a doctor. They can diagnose, treat and prescribe, just like doctors. The main difference is that they have been a nurse before (furthering) their education. They also get to spend more time with patients than doctors do, due to insurance regulations, and that is a bonus for their patients. I hope that you would treat them with the same respect that you treat your doctor, because they do have that education and they are caring individuals."

— Hagerstown

"I was really disappointed we didn't have the parade. But why couldn't they have had it on a Sunday night, or the following weekend? I mean, it would be late, but everybody would still know it was for Halloween."

— West End

"Hagerstown caller, are you actually claiming 'every state' engages in O'Malley's 'salamandering,' meaning changing and manipulating districts for partisan political advantage, as opposed to simply redrawing boundaries to reflect population changes, as required by the Constitution? I doubt you have any proof of this, or for your accusation that all Republican governors are doing it, too. But even if it were true and nobody but unthinking extreme partisans would believe it, just because you say so. And deny it as often as you please, the moral principle holds. Two wrongs don't make a right, and that everybody's supposedly also doing something. People use this to justify all kinds of immorality."

— Frederick, Md.

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