Incumbents retain commissioners seats

November 08, 2011|By JENNIFER FITCH |

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — All three Franklin County (Pa.) Commissioners won re-election Tuesday, according to complete, but unofficial results from the Franklin County Election Board.

Commissioners Bob Thomas, David S. Keller and Bob Ziobrowski were leading consistently over challenger Garry Gontz as the county's 75 precincts reported results.

Thomas led with 9,641 of the 26,912 votes cast in election, which saw less than 18 percent voter turnout. He was trailed by Keller with 9,330 votes, Ziobrowski with 4,241 and Gontz with 3,592.

One-hundred-and-eight write-in votes were cast in the precincts.

Thomas, 56, of 171 Lincoln Road in Chambersburg, has been a county commissioner since 1996.

Keller, 42, of Theodore Drive in Hamilton Township, worked as a computer network consultant prior to being elected county commissioner. He is finishing his first term.

Ziobrowski, 60, is finishing his first term. He previously served on the Chambersburg Area School Board, Chambersburg Hospital board of directors, and Chambersburg borough's planning and zoning board.

"Congratulations to Commissioners Keller and Thomas for their victories; congratulations to Garry Gontz for a strong showing," Ziobrowski said. "It's a shame we can't have four commissioners."

The commissioners are in the midst of a $2 million renovation and expansion of the Franklin County Courthouse. They rejected an earlier, $56 million plan for a new judicial center amid public outcry.

In pre-election interviews, the commissioners said they are working to maintain Franklin County's favorable credit rating and relatively low county property tax rate.


Franklin County Commissioners

Top 3 win seats

Bob Thomas (R)     9,641
David S. Keller (R)     9,330
Bob Ziobrowski (D)    4,241
Garry E. Gontz (D)    3,592
With 75 of 75 precincts reporting

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