Letters to the Editor - Nov. 5

November 05, 2011

Krysztoforski’s message resonating with letter writer

To the editor:

I don’t believe adding Montogomery County to the 6th District is going to change the outcome of the general election. Most Democrats and Independents in the 6th are social conservatives and will support a Republican candidate over state Sen. Robert Garagiola, the Democratic carpetbagger from Montgomery County, who supports benefits for illegal aliens, increasing taxes and gay marriage.

Likewise, I don’t believe Roscoe Bartlett will win the primary in April. He has been losing ground and he has lost touch with his constituents and the issues. Last week, I participated in a town hall conference with Joseph Krysztoforski, Bartlett’s primary challenger, and he reaffirmed his commitment to the residents of Western Maryland to a round of applause when he said, “I’m committed to the 6th District, I’m committed to the people of the 6th District, the 6th District is where my heart is and where I will be when I win the primary.”

I’ve been following the campaign since Krysztoforski, a constitutional Republican, made his formal announcement to run for Congress on March 15, 2011. Since then, he has been actively campaigning, concentrating his efforts in Frederick County, Western Maryland and northern Montgomery County.

The Frederick Gazette reported the following in an article written by Sarah Breitenbach: “The Republican Party in Western Maryland, an area on which Bartlett would count to bolster his poll numbers, is showing some signs of fracture as tea party members rally behind Joseph Krysztoforski, a conservative Republican whose campaign is based out of Frederick County.”

Krysztoforski has been seen in Washington County at Boonsboro Days, the 9/11 VFD Memorial Parade, downtown Hagerstown, Smithsburg and other town events throughout the county. Krysztoforski’s message of limited government, fiscal responsibility, energy self-reliance and enforcement of immigration laws is resonating with me and the residents of Washington County.

Laura Mineles
Clear Spring

Meritus rooms, staff, meals praised by patient

To the editor:

I recently needed major surgery. I had several options, but chose Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown as I had heard positive things about it and I really liked the idea of getting surgery in a new facility. I made the right choice.

The surgery was rather traumatic, requiring that I stay in the hospital for six days. I can’t overstate the quality of the care I received. The staff, including registered nurses, certified nurse assistants and therapy personnel, was amazing. The skills and knowledge they possessed were top notch. They were exceptionally communicative, ensuring that staff coming in were informed with regard to my care, and in making sure my family was accommodated when they came to visit.

But of greatest importance, the warmth, humor and kindness they exhibited made an otherwise difficult time much more tolerable. The facility itself was also very nice. All the rooms were private, and designed for visitors. Even the food was decent. My family ate at the cafe and were very satisfied with their meals.

The region is fortunate to have such a wonderful medical facility. I wish to thank all the staff who took such great care of me during my stay.

Art Cronk
Fairfield, Pa.

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