Letter to the Editor - Nov. 4

November 04, 2011

AFSCME needs to respond to uniformed employee needs

To the editor:

It would seem that AFSCME of Maryland believes that it has to present a presence to justify its existence. Who the Department of Corrections hires for what position should not be the focus of a state employee association unless a complaint is filed.  

Patrick Moran (director of AFSCME of Maryland) should direct his association’s focus on the issues that directly affect the workers of the state. Some of these issues are the current military leave policy that discriminates against uniformed state employees working in an organization with a 24/7 work schedule.  

Another issue requiring attention is the disposition of unused sick leave when a state employee leaves state service. Another issue is the question of “are you a member of AFSCME” when a state employee asks for assistance. When a retired employee asks for assistance, the response should not be, are you still paying dues?

There should also be a standing policy that no state employee is called before their supervisor without association representation. The one-year probationary policy should also be shortened. The due cause for termination during probation should be addressed.  

These and other issues should be of importance to Patrick Moran. Moran must be unaware of all those administrative assistants in private practice put into management positions. They know the work and know the system. Patrick Moran must also be unaware that the administrative assistant of any office actually runs that office by coordinating all programs and events. Since a correctional facility is a small city, the facility must have individuals with management capabilities working in administrative positions. The Department of Corrections is aware of this requirement. AFSCME in Maryland must respond to the uniformed employees needs, not their own, if they want to be effective.

Jaime Trujillo

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