Letters to the Editor - Nov. 3

November 03, 2011

New congressional districts an assault on representation

To the editor:
The voters of Western Maryland, and Western Maryland economic interests have been cheated by the recent redistricting of Maryland congressional districts.

We all know that Maryland is a very small geographic state and that the vast majority of the population of Maryland lies within the very strongly Democratic Party-controlled areas of Baltimore, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Prince Georges County and Montgomery County. These areas are very different from Western Maryland; they are densely populated and their economy is entirely different from Western Maryland; however these areas control the entire political destiny of the state.

Due to the new congressional redistricting, we in Western Maryland will no longer have any representation in the U.S. Congress. Our most recent “Governor of Baltimore” Mr. Martin O’Malley and his friends in the Maryland State House have conspired to make sure that the voices of agriculture, mining and rural life here in Western Maryland will have no voice in Washington, D.C.

Not content to dominate 90 percent of the Maryland political scene, Gov.  O’Malley finds it necessary to literally cheat an entire region of Maryland out of its legitimate right to proper legislative representation by combining us with counties as far east as Montgomery.

I find this to be a very sad matter, and I am both insulted and offended by this situation. The Democratic Party in Maryland has lived a charmed life for too long. The State of Maryland is one of the most highly taxed and underserved states in the union.

The United States of America was founded on the principle of fair and equal representation of the people and I am offended by this most recent power grab by the majority party in Maryland. All Americans and all Marylanders are entitled to proper representation in our government; and the most recent redistricting done by the Democrats in Maryland is clearly an assault on that principle. I ask all Marylanders to protest this act and seek its speedy repeal.
Rodney Pearson Sr.

Political candidates should stick to the issues

To the editor:

Here we are, another election year and we are bombarded with one politician after another accusing one another of false statements, petty comments and a lack of professionalism. With the heckling, name calling and false accusations it is so sad. I know that we have always had in the past some of the same, but would it not be a blessing for the candidates to give their attention to the people’s wants and needs and how they can work to accomplish the people’s wishes?

Our political system is the best form of government in existence, however, those wishing to serve at present are too self-serving.

I wish to give thanks and appreciation to The Herald-Mail for having a question and answer layout in the paper to give we, the voters, some idea of where the candidates stand on issues. This is the important part of elections.

To search into one’s past or present to humiliate them is childish. Beware, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone ... “.  Being a perfect person is not possible and some of our greatest leaders have had their weak moments.

So much time is wasted on the bickering and it gives fuel to the fire for the media, who embellish the same. Other governments must be amused at some of our candidates’ pettiness.

Wake up office seekers. Give us what we want, not what you hope to gain momentarily. Webster reveals that the definition of a politician is, and I quote, “One actively engaged in conducting the business of a government”.

Politicians are not meant to be private investigators or pointing fingers for something not related to the issues. Sometimes that comes back to haunt. Let’s try for once to be cordial to one  another.

Tom Wilhelm

Award in inmate death case robs taxpayers

To the editor:

A jury awarded $18.5 million on Oct. 24 to the estate and parents of a Maryland prison inmate who was murdered by another maximum-security inmate aboard a state prison bus in 2005.

What is awarded to the estate of murdered taxpayers? Nothing? Apparently inmates are more protected and valued than taxpaying citizens of Maryland.

The six-member panel found the state and three correctional officers negligent, and one officer grossly negligent. Are policemen, legislators, judges and the state negligent every time a taxpaying citizen is killed, raped or robbed?

Those jury members who awarded $18.5 million should be required to pay it from their own pockets.
They are guilty of robbing the citizens and taxpayers of Maryland.

Welcome to the state of crime. Crime pays.

Ben Haldeman
Greencastle, Pa.

Stinkbugs doing time

To the editor:

I look out through the steel grating covering my window. There they are peering in at me with a look of defiance. Two stinkbugs. A conspiracy to invade my cell and pillage the warmth for the winter months.

I meet them with equal resistance. I use an old shampoo bottle and blast them back to another decade. I also have the remains of two used bars of Irish Spring soap at the bottom of my window. They stay clear of it.

I conclude that stinkbugs could be criminal in nature. They burglarize my cell, they are covered in tattoo patterns, and they smell bad. Sounds like some of the guys I know, I sleep with my window shut and have nightmares of creepy crawlies.

Austin Gladhill III
Inmate # 322-221

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