Syd to be remembered as La Russa of prognosticators


November 02, 2011|By BIG SYDNEY

I’m going to do the sports hack at The Herald-Mail a big favor this week.

I’m writing my own retirement story.

Not that I’m retiring yet, mind you. But as I come to the close of my 41st year of picking games for this rag, I’m closer to the end than the beginning.

I was inspired to do this by reading all the stories about another genius who retired this week: Tony La Russa.

As I read the glowing tributes and quotes from opposing coaches, it hit me that my former editors will be saying many of the same things about me when I do hang ’em up.

It’ll just be a matter of touching up the statements a little bit.

Misquoting, you say? Not me. That’s what those writers do — miss quotes. It’s why I have to do this myself.

Plagiarism, you say? Nah, that’s when an offense steals a play from the other team’s playbook.

Take a look at what some of my former bosses will say upon my retirement, as channeled through some quotes on Supergenius La Russa.

“You’ve seen the best (prognosticator) for the last (41) years,” said former Herald-Mail sports editor Samson Squealer. “I mean, for the last (41) years, he’s been the best (prognosticator) in (football), arguably the best of all-time if you want to make a case for that. ... I mean, you can’t really compare eras, but ... it’s in the book. What else do you want?”

Couldn’t agree more. Here’s another.

“It did not really shock me,” said former Herald-Mail sports editor Lob Spleenor. “He’s been at it a long time, twice as long as I’ve (had a job). He’s really been grinding for a number of years. I’m sure he’ll show up somewhere in (the buffet line). It’s a big void to fill in your life, about 70-80 percent. I’m sure he’ll find a way to fill it (with food and beer).”


“We’re not going to find a (Big Sydney) out there, given his career and what he’s accomplished, what he’s meant to (The Herald-Mail),” said Herald-Mail sports editor Stark Feller.

Right. And as for my own quote, on my future plans:

“Maybe open a (donut) store.”

Sheer genius.

On with the predictions. Last week 16-5 (.762); Season 135-52 (.722).


North Hagerstown 27, South Hagerstown 25

Boonsboro 31, Smithsburg 13

Williamsport 32, Clear Spring 19

Central Dauphin 41, Chambersburg 20

Greencastle-Antrim 44, Big Spring 12

Waynesboro 33, James Buchanan 13

Martinsburg 49, Dover 14

Wheeling Park 31, Hedgesville 15

Washington 35, Jefferson 17

Kent County 26, Hancock 21

Pope John Paul The Great 30, Saint James 20

Kiski School 29, Mercersburg Academy 16


Virginia 27, Maryland 17

West Virginia 38, Louisville 23

Shepherd 21, Glenville 17


49ers 34, Redskins 20

Steelers 23, Ravens 16

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