Letters to the Editor - Nov. 2

November 02, 2011

World War II weekend was outstanding, unique

To the editor:

The World War II weekend in Williamsport was again a huge success this year. I applaud the efforts of Kim Bowers, Joan and Jerry Knode, and all who worked with them to once again make this an outstanding and unique event here in Washington County.

The historical Springfield Barn and surrounding grounds make a perfect place to bring this important time (World War II) in our history to a reality with displays of memorabilia and performances. The three-day event included vendors, food, campsites, battle sites and veteran recognition.

To highlight a few activities was the movie “All Through the Night” shown Friday night in the barn with newsreel and cartoons from that era. Then Saturday, a very spectacular fashion show from the ’40s with intermittent music from that time.

For somewhat of a grand finale, the Williamsport Band with Susie Kunkle conducting performed at 3 p.m. in the Springfield Barn. The band in Williamsport has been greatly sustained and improved through the years by the Kunkles and their musicians and supporters. A special recognition of World War II veterans was noted by emcee Nelson Deal as “The Greatest Generation,” who led the group in the pledge of allegiance. The band also played some of those great songs such as “String of Pearls” and “Sentimental Journey.”

The barn was full of people, and a good time was had by all.

Jack Myers
World War II veteran

Let the majority elect our leaders

To the editor:

One of the most inane practices in American politics is the way we elect a president. The votes of the people actually choose “electors” who, in some states, are not even obligated to vote for the party who received the most votes. There have been several cases where the president did not receive the majority of votes by American citizens. This system should not be allowed to stand in a Democracy.

Now I read the opinion of a person who wants to go back to appointing senators by state legislators. This process would again make the votes of individual citizens meaningless.

Tea party advocates say they want to take their country back. They left off the end of the word. It appears they want to take their country backwards. They use the word “their,” but I’ll used the word our when referring to all American citizens, which refutes a minority running this great country. Those elected to serve the American people should be elected by a majority, not second-hand electors.

Robert W. Leisure
No. 159-827
Roxbury Correctional Institution

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