Zielinski, Hardy lead their teams to titles

October 28, 2011|By ANDREW MASON |
  • Boonsboro junior Sarah Zielinski and North Hagerstown sophomore Emily Ward battle for the lead near the 1-mile mark during the girls race at the Washington County Cross Country Championships in Clear Spring on Friday. Zielinski won the race, while Ward took second.
By Colleen McGrath/Staff Photographer

CLEAR SPRING — The Boonsboro girls and Williamsport boys captured all the glory Friday at the 34th annual Washington County Public Schools Cross Country Championships.

Boonsboro’s Sarah Zielinski won the girls race, Williamsport’s Evan Hardy was the boys champ and both runners led their squads to the team titles.

Zielinski, a junior, covered Clear Spring’s 3-mile course in 19 minutes, 11.6 seconds to win the county title for the second straight year. North Hagerstown’s Emily Ward was the runner-up in 19:32.9, and Smithsburg’s Lauren Johnson finished third in 19:50.7.

“I knew it was going to be between me and Emily Ward and possibly Lauren Johnson,” said Zielinski, who pulled away from Ward shortly before 2 miles. “Emily and I were back and forth most of the race, and then I just took off. I picked it up and she wasn’t there.

“It was more of a team thing,” she added. “I wanted to win to help the team win.”

Also for the Warriors, Kortney Cunningham was fourth (20:15.4), Ella Hawkins was sixth (20:45.4), Katie Rickerds was eighth (21:20.2) and Meghan Alves was 11th (21:47.1), as the Boonsboro girls held off three-time defending champ North 30-47 for their first county title since 1995.

Smithsburg edged Williamsport 76-77 for third.

The Warriors now are aiming for their first state title since 1995.

“The main goal is states,” Boonsboro coach Becky Walter said. “But it’s always nice to win the county title, especially since it’s been since 1995. It points us in the right direction heading into regions and states. It builds our confidence and lets us know what we can do.”

Other top-10 finishers were North’s Emily Simmons (fifth, 20:27.3) and Amanda Martin (ninth, 21:32.1) and Williamsport’s Meggan Grams (seventh, 21:17.2) and Allie Hott (10th, 21:42.9).

Williamsport thoroughly dominated in the boys race, taking seven of the top-10 places to win the county title for the fourth straight year. The Wildcats scored a mere 24 points, while Boonsboro (72) held off South Hagerstown (77) and Smithsburg (78) for second.

“This is definitely the best boys team I’ve had,” said Randy Buchman, who’s in his 12th year as Williamsport’s coach. “We wanted to run like a strong, winning outfit, and we did that.”  

Hardy, a senior, continued to lead the way, winning the race by a half-minute in 15:58.6 for his second straight county title.

Once again, he didn’t take his success for granted.

“I always get nervous before every race. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is,” Hardy said. “Anything can happen. You just have to be confident going in and then not panic during the race.”

Smithsburg’s Luke Daigneault was the runner-up in 16:28.0, and South’s Bryan Durboraw placed third in 16:31.3.

After that, it was all Williamsport, as Cody Grams was fourth (16:38.4), Cody Bowman was fifth (17:00.0), Caleb Buchman was sixth (17:09.8), Clayton Smith was eighth (17:15.3), Austin Schetrompf was ninth (17:20.6) and Scott Long was 10th (17:21.2) for the Wildcats.

“It was definitely nice seeing all my teammates coming in right after me,” Hardy said.

It was a breakout performance by Grams, who was a JV runner at one point this season.

“That was the exciting thing today,” Coach Buchman said, “seeing Cody Grams up there in fourth place and second on our team, running as we know he can.”

Runner-up Boonsboro was led by Sean Snyder, who placed seventh in 17:12.6.

Washington County Championships
at Clear Spring (3 miles)
Boys results
Teams: 1. Williamsport 24; 2. Boonsboro 72; 3. South Hagerstown 77; 4. Smithsburg 78; 5. North Hagerstown 126; 6. Clear Spring 180. Incomplete — Hancock.
Top 25: 1. Evan Hardy (Wi) 15:58.6; 2. Luke Daigneault (Sm) 16:28.0; 3. Bryan Durboraw (SH) 16:31.3; 4. Cody Grams (Wi) 16:38.4; 5. Cody Bowman (Wi) 17:00.0; 6. Caleb Buchman (Wi) 17:09.8; 7. Sean Snyder (Bo) 17:12.6; 8. Clayton Smith (Wi) 17:15.3; 9. Austin Schetrompf (Wi) 17:20.6; 10. Scott Long (Wi) 17:21.2; 11. Drew Merrill (SH) 17:38.6; 12. Brian Garcia (Sm) 17:39.2; 13. Austin Keplinger (Wi) 17:46.1; 14. Josh Testa (Bo) 17:51.8; 15. Daniel Hockensmith (SH) 17:55.7; 16. Tom Kersting (Bo) 17:57.9; 17. Emory Rowland (Wi) 18:08.2; 18. Nick Porter (Sm) 18:13.4; 19. Mike Lacey (Bo) 18:14.0; 20. Carston Izer (NH) 18:23.6; 21. Grant Carbaugh (NH) 18:24.2; 22. Ethan Allnut (Bo) 18:36.5; 23. Randy Lohman (Bo) 18:45.2; 24. Marshall Keely (Sm) 18:45.7; 25. Alex Thaggard (Bo) 18:46.1.
Girls results
Teams: 1. Boonsboro 30; 2. North Hagerstown 47; 3. Smithsburg 76; 4. Williamsport 77; 5. Clear Spring 152; 6. South Hagerstown 157. Incomplete — Hancock.
Top 25: 1. Sarah Zielinski (Bo) 19:11.6; 2. Emily Ward (NH) 19:32.9; 3. Lauren Johnson (Sm) 19:50.7; 4. Kortney Cunningham (Bo) 20:15.4; 5. Emily Simmons (NH) 20:27.3; 6. Ella Hawkins (Bo) 20:45.4; 7. Meggan Grams (Wi) 21:17.2; 8. Katie Rickerds (Bo) 21:20.2; 9. Amanda Martin (NH) 21:32.1; 10. Allie Hott (Wi) 21:42.9; 11. Meghan Alves (Bo) 21:47.1; 12. Kailey Stracka (Sm) 21:48.2; 13. Chelsea Massie (Sm) 21:53.7; 14. Tori Boward (Wi) 22:04.2; 15. Caroline Wills (NH) 22:12.7; 16. Brittany Appleby-Rumon (NH) 22:17.6; 17. Lauren Cronise (Bo) 22:37.4; 18. Alex Henry (Wi) 22:45.3; 19. Allison Martin (NH) 22:53.0; 20. Jenny Moore (Bo) 22:56.0; 21. Olivia Poholchuk (NH) 23:13.5; 22. Allyson Wallace (Bo) 23:17.4; 23. Sage Brewer (SH) 23:19.0; 24. Elisabeth Hines (Sm) 23:22.1; 25. Kelsey Mannix (Bo) 23:22.4.

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