Mail Call - Sept. 27

September 27, 2011

 “Clear Spring caller who doesn’t want government involved in recycling: How do you feel about county government owning and operating a landfill with your tax dollars? Do you also have ‘private options available’ for waste disposal? Would some of those options be to dump your garbage along our highways, in our streams, and alongside the county’s recycle bins? What are your thoughts on indoor toilets connected to septic tanks which are mandated and regulated by ‘big government?’”

— Hagerstown

“I am very curious to know how people that are unemployed, with income less than $500 a month, with kids, with no spouse/boyfriend, afford rent? Especially if many landlords are not accepting rental assistance or Section 8 vouchers anymore. I don’t think it’s possible to find decent housing in this area that is safe.”

— Smithsburg

“Nice article on A3 in the paper, the 15th, especially the one on Herald-Mail publisher takes questions at the breakfast. Stand by your guns, Mr. Bruns and Herald-Mail. Salaries and names should still be published, whether it’s school board, city, county and state officials, and all the hidden costs that’s buried a lot of times and never brought out, especially the lucrative benefits. But it’s the right to know, the taxpayers’ need to know, and you’re right.”

— Washington County

“After reading your Wednesday story about possibly closing a golf course in winter to save money, I really wonder why nobody seems to see the solution to this whole problem that’s staring them in the face. Assuming someone is willing to buy it for a reasonable price, just sell the golf course. The city will be rid of a drag on the taxpayers, and the city and county will be collecting additional property taxes as well. Win, win. I doubt golfers will like this idea, but I’ve never seen any reason why taxpayers should be forced to subsidize them in the first place.”

— Frederick, Md.

“Big companies have the best at both ends. They get large tax breaks, and then they send jobs overseas to make their products, because of cheap labor, and then they sell these products in the U.S. at higher prices, so they’re making a large profit. Our government seems not to see what’s going on, or they don’t — or they do see it, but they also are making a lot of money. How gullible are we? Just buy ‘Made in America’ products.”

— Hagerstown

“Why don’t the citizens of Maryland so upset about the university’s new uniforms go out and get rid of the Maryland flag? The Maryland flag is a beautiful flag. I’ve lived in 12 states, and it’s the best flag of all, and it looks great on these uniforms. I’d gladly trade you 11 flags for that one, and I can put it in the state where I’m living.”

— Hedgesville, W.Va.

“I was just watching the news and seeing where our government is wasting all these billions of dollars, and I was wondering, what would happen if the people of the U.S. just, everybody just quit paying their taxes? I wonder what the government would do then about spending. I think they would stop.”

— Clear Spring

“I am a conservative, yet I am sick of every call-in I read blaming President Obama for gas prices. Good God, you can’t possibly think he controls that, too. As I said, I am a Republican, and I think that George Bush Jr. was one of the worst presidents of the last 80 years.”

— Martinsburg, W.Va.

“These news reporters or the newspapers put things in the paper such as ‘ex-Marine.’ There’s no such thing as an ex-Marine. You’re a Marine always, period.”

— Charles Town, W.Va.

“Could someone please tell me why these girls that play volleyball in high school have to wear such tight, short outfits to just play ball? They look horrible.”

— Hagerstown

“President Obama is a fraud. He knows what people want to hear, and that is where he peaks out. He has no plan.”

— Hagerstown

“I wanted to say how much I enjoy Lisa Prejean’s articles. It’s a delightful read, first thing in the morning. Keep up the good work.”

— Hancock

“I see in today’s paper where the western counties want to hire a lobbyist. My comment is: Forget it. We got enough people down there throwing money around and buying off ... and we sure ... don’t need more.”

— Hagerstown

“This is to the caller from Charles Town that said about drilling oil out west. No. 1, it was Theodore Roosevelt, a friend of yours, that started national park services, mostly national parks out west. No. 2, it was a Republican that started the EPA: Richard Nixon. So they must have cared about the national parks. We could drill in Nevada, but the dummies tested over a hundred ... I doubt if you could drill there, and New Mexico, the same thing, another hundred nuclear bombs. So where would you exactly want to drill?”

— Hagerstown

“Just wanted to say thanks to the person walking down Forest Drive on Wednesday morning that stole my cellphone off of my front porch. You know, some people in this town work very hard for what they have. Hope you had fun answering my phone and hanging up while I was calling it. But that service was cut off very fast on you, just as fast as you stole it off of my front porch.”

— Hagerstown

“Dogs are cute, happy and friendly, but other than that they contribute nothing to society. Chickens kept in someone’s backyard can contribute food and benefit the environment by eliminating the need to transport their eggs to market. As others have already said, barking dogs kept in a backyard are a much greater nuisance than a few chickens, yet Boonsboro officials see nothing wrong prohibiting the chickens. Can the waste from three hens create that much odor? Remember, dogs also defecate, and in greater volume then hens.”

— Hagerstown

“With President Obama out daily trying to sell his jobs plan (again), it seems that the campaigner-in-chief has found another way to run for re-election on the taxpayer’s dime. I must admit that it is refreshing to see some key Democrats speak out against the plan. Or, having to run for re-election themselves, are they ... just trying to save their own necks? The president’s speeches do sound a lot like Nancy’s health care bill ‘You have to pass it to see what’s in it.’ speech.”

— Chambersburg, Pa.

“I’m an animal lover, so today I decided to call the humane society to find out information about volunteering; to walk dogs, clean up, or do anything that I can do to help out. I was told that you have to sign a contract, that there’s a minimum of six months that you have to commit yourself to volunteer. I thought this was nonsense. I was wondering how anybody else felt about this. I’m calling you because I want to volunteer my time, and you’re telling me that I have to commit to six months? This is ridiculous.”

— Hagerstown

“Last night, Gov. Perry said that the stimulus package from Barack Obama created zero jobs. ... It created 40,000 jobs in his state alone, and he took more than $8 billion in stimulus money. And next year, those people and those jobs that were created, 40,000 of them, will be gone, because there’ll be no more stimulus money. ... You can’t believe what he says.”

— Sharpsburg

“I love Mail Call. God bless freedom of speech.”

— Greencastle, Pa.

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