Letter to the Editor - Sept. 26

September 25, 2011

Humane Society has a difficult job to do

To the editor:

I hope everyone read Paul Miller's words about the Humane Society of Washington County in today's paper (Sept. 17).

So many people do not understand all the responsibility in heading an animal shelter. It isn't a now-and-then organization. It's an ongoing issue, 365 days a year.

It isn't the animals' fault they are there. If the complainers would walk in Mr. Miller's shoes one week they'd never make it. Put blame where it belongs. On the backs of irresponsible citizens.

Spaying and neutering is so important. Cut back on your eating at fast-food restaurants or wherever and your smokes. If you are going to own an animal, be a person who truly cares enough to give an animal shelter, food, medical care and love.

Washington County could be more supportive. They give funds to sports and other unnecessary organizations. They all have their place, I suppose, but people today want others to support their wants, not needs.

I truly appreciate all the children giving their time and funds to the animals. Plus all the others helping support them. The riders, walkers and others give a donation no matter how small. Thank the staff and volunteers for their hard and kind work, many times thankless.

So step up to the plate, commissioners, adults and children. Stop thinking about your wants, and help where it's necessary.

So, thanks from the bottom of my heart, and my husband Mark's. Mr. Miller and all of the Humane Society do a fabulous job. Some of the tasks are difficult and heartbreaking. So let's have some unconditional love and not so much criticism. Katherine Cooker does a great job, also.

Praise people when they're here. Don't wait till their death as so many do.

Rosa Lee Meyers

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