Frederick and Pa. police report copper downspout thefts

September 22, 2011

FREDERICK, Md. — What's the latest in copper thefts?

Stealing copper downspouts off homes.

The Frederick Police Department on Thursday alerted citizens of a pattern of copper downspouts being stolen from downtown homes.

There have been six such incidents since late July, according to a news release.

  It is believed thieves might be two white males possibly operating a white Pontiac Sunbird or similar vehicle, the release said.

  Pennsylvania State Police also said recently they were investigating the theft of copper downspouts from a Greene Township church.

  The downspouts were taken from the Mount Pleasant United Brethren in Christ Church, 2509 Black Gap Road, between Monday, Aug. 22, and Wednesday, police said.

  Hagerstown area police said previously that they have handled dozens of copper thefts from homes, many of which involved theft of copper pipe from homes that have been up for sale or ones in foreclosure. Copper can be cashed in for up to $3.40 per pound.

 Utility manhole covers, grates from car washes and items made with iron and steel also have been carted off to recycling facilities for quick cash, police said.

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