Letters to the Editor - Sept. 20

September 19, 2011

Be careful when looking for a retirement community

To the editor:
This is a follow-up to a recent letter (Sept. 10) in reference to retirement communities. I am in agreement with the letter writer but would like to expand on his comments.
Retirement communities provide many services to the elderly and are defintely needed. But before you make that move, have an attorney check the agreement and be assureed that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted. You meet some real nice people and make many friends with fellow residents. And, for the most part, the employees are great.
Find out what all the requirements are and see if they fit your needs. I would suggest to rent a unit for a period of months and see if you are satisfied. Also consider other alternatives, i.e., gated communities and other senior communities. Those communities also offer many of the amenities as retirement communities.
Also, check the cost of moving from one circumstance to another, such as from an independent living situation to assisted living. The cost is considerable. Find out what guarantees you have in being situated in that particular complex.
I failed to follow my own thoughts, being a trusting person, and then following through with them and was disapointed in my stay at a retirement community. I am now satisfied in a gated community where they offer most of what you need as a senior.
I might also add that there are old, old seniors and then there are young, old seniors. Which are you? This could be your last move on this earth. Be smart and check every item offered and what guarantees you have.
Tom Wilhelm

Steam Engine & Craft Show planned for this weekend

To the editor:
I would like to address and put to rest rumors that have been going on about the Smithsburg Athletic Booster Club’s Steam Engine & Craft Show. The show is always held the last Saturday in September and has been for the past 36 years. This is the main fundraiser for the student athletes at Smithsburg High School.
There are individuals who have been spreading rumors, for many years now, that the boosters were not going to have the show and that it was moving to the Washington County Antique Tractor Club show. Or, this year, moved to the Ag Center with the county ag museum’s Spud Fest. I have also heard through the years that the owners of antique equipment should not bring their equipment to our show because it’s not wanted. We have always welcomed ALL antique farm tractors, steam engine and gas engines.
This past weekend alone, I received three phone calls asking if the show was going to be held in Smithsburg this year. The show was started by a group of parents and friends of the students at Smithsburg High School. I was one of them.
I do not know why anyone would want to keep spreading rumors about this show. If anyone has any problems with the show, they are welcome to contact the committee in charge.
Remember, the show is being held Sept. 24 and 25 at the Smithsburg Fire Hall grounds. Everyone is welcome.

Mike Rohrer

Getting businesses involved is key to economic recovery

To the editor:
President Obama’s job plan sounds just like every plan his advisers have come up with to date: Force the American taxpayers to spend more money. Maybe they should be asking Ford Motor Co., “What would it take for you to build your new plants here instead of India?”
Five thousand new jobs at one automobile factory equals thousands of additional jobs when they start spending their paychecks, not to mention the jobs that would be created by suppliers to the new plants. If they actually talked to small-business owners, they would say that they are not hiring because of the uncertainty of what our government has in store for them regarding additional regulations and taxes.
President Obama keeps talking about building and repairing our road system. I agree they need fixed, but when most of the tax revenue generated by fuel sales is used to pay administrative salaries and benefits, they will only get worse. I believe that there is no equal to the American worker, and if given the opportunity he or she could build products second to none.
So let’s create long-term policies that businesses can plan on, as well as making it favorable for them to hire as well as keeping the jobs here. That starts with getting the businesses involved.
Timothy D. Saunders

Front-page story, photo were poor choices

To the editor:
We are appalled at the photo and story on the front page of today’s Herald-Mail (Sept. 9). We would have thought you could have found a more appropriate photo for the 9/11 story.
Muslims were the people who caused 9/11 to begin with. This is yet another example of the appalling bad taste displayed by the media.
May God bless the U.S.A.

Barbara and Charles Anderson

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