Mail Call - Sept. 13

September 13, 2011

“I see the Suns want more parking. Well, here’s an option. How about right across the street there, that old light plant? Tear that ugly-looking thing down, and there you go, new parking lot. Bingo. Bruchey, get it done.”

 — Hagerstown

“Would like to thank the person in Maugansville for the seafoam recipe. Thank you so much.”

— Hagerstown

“Thanks, Halfway caller, I’m so happy to hear you — like me, and unlike so many left-wingers and left-wing callers — do believe in freedom of speech for those who disagree with us. But if hearing the facts, truth and logic that refute left-wing ideology gets tiresome, please remember that a belief in the right to freedom of speech does not in any way compel you to read my calls. And have a nice day.”

— Frederick, Md.

“This is to the caller in today’s paper, the 2nd of September, about saying the Republicans controlled the House from 2001 to 2008. That’s simply not true. They controlled the House from 2001 to 2006. In 2006, 2008, Democrats controlled both sides of the House.”

— Greencastle, Pa.

“The article in the newspaper on Friday, about U.S. reactors at risk from quakes, shows a diagram with inaccurate positioning of the various reactors, in the picture of the U.S. It’s kind of troubling that they don’t put them in the right places.”

— Brightwood Acres East

“I saw in the paper where the humane society received more than $3,000 worth of donations given to them, from the golf tournament, the fashion show, little boy’s birthday and now from the ‘Cool Your Paws.’ That’s very nice. I’m not knocking that, but I think they need to give that money to the people who want to get their animals fixed, and pay the whole bill, and furnish food to the people so that they can keep their pets. The money needs to go back into the community.”

— Cearfoss

“The S&P said, in advance of the debt- ceiling debate, that they wanted $4.2 billion in spending cuts. They got half of that, and most of that was sleight-of-hand or funny money. That is the reason for the S&P downgrade.”

— Hagerstown

“I’m calling in response to the caller from South Hagerstown who responded to someone else about federal employees, federal retirees getting Social Security. The caller from South Hagerstown said that they can get Social Security. Well, I am an example. I’m a federal retiree and I will never ... it depends on income, and some federal employees do qualify to get Social Security — some federal retirees, that is. But many of them will not qualify for Social Security benefits.”

— Washington County

“Could someone explain why the price of home-heating fuel is so high? It’s more than gasoline, and there’s no tax on it. I made a couple of phone calls, and it turns out that the local politicians don’t have an answer. They don’t know, or they don’t seem to care. I won’t be able to heat my home this winter, for $600 or $700, to get my tank filled up.”

— Hagerstown

“Have you heard? President Obama wants to create a new federal infrastructure bank, to put construction workers back to work. Cost: $30 billion or so. Why doesn’t he give the money to the states that badly need money for their own infrastructure requirements, such as roads and bridges? Because Obama wants to expand, not decrease, the size of the federal government.”

— Clear Spring

“Well, I see where President Obama’s coming on TV again to talk about a plan to create jobs. Instead of coming on TV and reading off a TelePrompter, why don’t you actually do something? Like the first year and a half he was there, all you worried about was Obamacare, instead of about creating jobs and the economy.”

— Williamsport

“Have you read the new applications? They want to know if you go to the gym. They want to know what you had for breakfast. I mean, I’m only hunting for a job. I don’t want to be a rocket scientist. ... So, I mean, who makes up these application questions? I never saw such a thing in my life. And good luck trying to find a job if you don’t go to a gym.”

— West Virginia

“Two weeks ago, my car would not start, in the parking lot of the post office on Leitersburg Pike in Hagerstown, Md. The very polite and helpful woman named Katie offered to try to jump start my car battery. When my car still would not start after the jump start, she drove me home so I could drive another car back to the post office and meet my mechanic there. I cannot thank her enough for all of her assistance. With her kindness, helpfulness and concern for others, she is a true ... Fortunately, after some analysis, my mechanic located the problem with my car and repaired it.”

— Hagerstown

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