Highlight Hagerstown honors homes, businesses for beautification efforts

September 08, 2011
  • Bonnie and Joseph Henrys home on Oak Hill Avenue in Hagerstown was one of three homes that won awards in the residential division of the Highlight Hagerstown program.
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For the fifth year in a row, several standout residential and commercial properties were honored for highlighting Hagerstown through their beautification efforts.

The Highlight Hagerstown award winners were recognized at the City Council meeting on Aug. 23 after being selected from several nominees.

“We felt so blessed to be chosen among this year’s winners,” said Bonnie Henry, a winner of the 2011 Highlight Hagerstown residential award. “We have always prayed for the Lord to send us where we need to be, and we believe that is Hagerstown! We simply hope that our home is a blessing to others, as we have felt so blessed by our neighbors and this community.”

Bonnie and her husband, Joseph, moved to Hagerstown in 2005, and began making renovations in and around their home on Oak Hill Avenue. The Henrys said they knew the home would require a lot of work before they moved in, but they were excited for the challenge.

“When I was a young woman, I remember driving down Oak Hill Avenue with my father-in-law and thinking how beautiful all the homes were,” said Bonnie Henry. “To me it is a miracle to be living here, so landscaping around our home has been a joy.”

The Henry’s home was one of three homes recognized in the residential division.

The other two winners were Dennis Doub at 29 Broadway and Jeanette Johnson at 1140 Hamilton Blvd.

Discovery Station on Washington Street received the nonresidential award, and three businesses were recognized in the Adopt-a-Planter category, including Discovery Station, Frederick Seibert & Associates Inc. and Town & Country Garden Club.

The awards are judged by the Hagerstown Beautification Advisory Committee.

The criteria includes everything from landscaping and trees to window boxes, walkway improvements, fencing, facade improvements, flower beds, gardens and sidewalk plantings.

“All of the winners are exceptional properties that truly highlight Hagerstown,” said Alex Rohrbough, city planner and staff adviser to the HBAC.  “It’s clear that all of the homeowners take pride in their properties and our city, and we feel privileged to give out these honors.”

The awards are presented each August. The HBAC and the city’s planning office are always looking for nominees, and if you’re looking to get started on some landscaping or improvement projects of your own, Bonnie Henry shared this encouragement, “Get a vision of what it could be, and go with that. No project is too big, so don’t be afraid to make bold choices.”

For more information about the awards or the HBAC, call the Hagerstown Planning Office at 301-739-8577, ext. 137.

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