Letters to the Editor - Sept. 2

September 01, 2011

Kaplan University provides a quality education

To the editor:

An Aug. 28 story in The Herald-Mail seemed to suggest that for-profit institutions, like Kaplan University, do not provide a high-quality education. The article quoted Hagerstown Community College President Guy Altieri as stating that "there are much better transfer options" for HCC graduates to consider than Kaplan. We understand that Altieri is entitled to his opinions, but we feel that the community should be aware of the rigorous education and unique academic opportunities offered at Kaplan University.

Kaplan prepares students to enhance their skills and grow in their current career or find new jobs in the fields of their choice. In our nearly 75-year history serving the Hagerstown area, we have graduated more than 18,000 students who have gone on to meet the talent needs of our region's employers. In fact, last year, the Hagerstown campus graduated 328 students and had a job-placement rate of 95 percent during a period of economic downturn.

Kaplan University, Hagerstown was founded as Hagerstown Business College in 1938. It was renamed Kaplan College in July 2007 in recognition of its achieving bachelor degree-granting authority — a move meant to meet a significant community need. Kaplan became the first institution in Washington County to offer full bachelor's degrees without the need to transfer to or from another institution. In July 2009, the campus became a regionally accredited Kaplan University campus to help provide even greater educational opportunities to area residents. Today, the campus serves nearly 800 students.

Recently, Kaplan University became the first institution of higher education (for-profit or nonprofit) in the United States to offer a guarantee to prospective students. The Kaplan Commitment allows students to try our courses without any tuition obligation for up to five weeks. If, during the trial period, they decide for any reason that Kaplan isn't right for them, they can leave with no financial obligation. This innovative program reinforces Kaplan's genuine commitment to students, ensuring that they make an informed, educated decision when they enroll in our programs.

We stand by our school and the education and services we provide. We look forward to helping community college graduates, and all students, advance their education for years to come.

W. Christopher Motz, president

Kaplan University, Maryland Campuses

Ron Paul, tea party have spine

To the editor:

Mr. (Leonard) Pitts (Aug. 29, "News flash: Congresswoman has a spine) credits Maxine Waters with a spine for talking trash about tea party folks. Let us evaluate courage.

Ron Paul has a spine — courage to put forth a detailed plan to solve our country's problems. You might not like his plan, but no one can argue it took political courage to put it out there for all to see and examine and criticize. The tea party congressional representatives have spine — courage to put forth a detailed budget for the country. Both documents are documented on paper for all to examine, debate and criticize.

Mr. Pitts, go to the library, look at any book on the art of negotiation. One side presents a 'proposal,' the other side offers a counter-proposal. With the two documents in hand, the debate for a compromise position begins.

Where is Ms. Waters' counter-proposal? When has she ever proposed anything useful to help solve this country's problems? I see no evidence of a spine. Where is the Democratic Senate's budget plan? For that matter, where is any Democratic Party counter-proposal? They had control of the House, Senate and presidency for two years, but produced no budget. The president offered a plan of sorts in January, but was rejected by the Senate by a vote of 97-0. Even his own Senate party members knew it was nonsense.

You, Ms. Waters, and the president complain that the tea party will not compromise. But compromise with what? Is there no one in the Democratic Party with the spine to put forth a credible plan to debate?

As I see it, Ms. Waters has a big mouth, but certainly no spine. Indeed, I see no evidence of spine from anyone in the Democratic Party — only big mouths. I suspect they have not produced any detailed plans because they are fearful of being criticized. The essence of no spine — cowardice.

Kenneth Jones

Waynesboro, Pa.

Professionalism kept earthquake damage to a minimum

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Aug. 23, the area experienced the effects of an earthquake originating from Mineral, Va., some 115 miles away. Many who were inside at the time felt the building they were in move significantly. Structural damage and effects on infrastructure here were relatively minor and unnoticeable to many.

I would like to express my appreciation to the many architects, engineers, plan reviewers, building inspectors and contractors of our community who conduct their business in accordance with a series of well-defined building codes established upon many years of research and science that allows us to live in a safe-built environment.

Most often the average person has no interest in the information or requirements an engineer or building inspector has to convey or mandate on any given project, but it is these professionals, who hold true to safety, quality construction and perseverance to code compliance, that allowed us to experience such an event and come out with positive results.

Joe Kroboth III, director of public works

Washington County

Breast Cancer Awareness ride supporters truly help others

To the editor:

The Waynesboro Eagle Riders would like to thank all the people who participated in the first motorcycle charity ride for Breast Cancer Awareness. Also to all the generous individuals and businesses who donated prizes for the riders. And a special thank you to the Waynesboro Police Department, Washington Township Police Department and Waynesboro Fire Police who helped make our ride a very safe one.

You truly are people helping people.

John McFerren, president

Eagles Riders of F.O.E. 1758

Waynesboro, Pa.

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