Pools at YMCA Hagerstown should reopen this week

August 30, 2011

Both of the pools at YMCA Hagerstown should reopen to swimmers later this week.

Mike Flicek, executive director of YMCA Hagerstown at 1100 Eastern Blvd., said the facility's two pools were drained Aug. 21 for annual maintenance, but workers hit a snag when they found two cracked pipes.

The cracks were discovered while the pools were being refilled Friday, Flicek said.

"The pools should be ready Thursday," he said.

There was no way to determine whether the cracks were caused by the magnitude 5.9 earthquake that rocked the Tri-State area on Aug. 23.

"We can't say it was the earthquake," he said. "Nobody knows."

One of the pipes led to the YMCA's 25-yard pool, and another led to a smaller training pool, Flicek said. A plumber fixed the cracks Monday, and the pools were refilled later that day.

Flicek said he wasn't sure how much it would cost to replace the pipes.

"We haven't got the bill," he said. "You can't find something like that at Lowe's."

Flicek said YMCA officials were waiting for the pH balance to stabilize before reopening the pools to swimmers.

He said YMCA members should call the facility at 301-739-3990 before they come to swim to make sure the pools are ready.


— By Dan Dearth

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