Practical measures for safety during Hurricane Irene

August 26, 2011

Washington County officials provided the following list of practical measures people can take to help ensure their safety during Hurricane Irene:

  • Listen to radio or television for weather reports and emergency information.
  • Maintain adequate food and medical supplies.
  • Avoid travel in low-lying areas that are prone to localized flooding and do not drive through standing water.
  • Avoid over-exertion and provide adequate rest periods during clean-up and recovery efforts.
  • Watch for signs of impending dangerous structural weakness and do not enter any unsafe areas or structures.
  • Avoid working in dangerous areas unless properly trained and with adequate safety precautions and protective equipment.
  • Pay close attention to marked roadways as state and local resources continue to identify, clear and maintain open roadways.
Residents with specific questions can contact the Division of Emergency Services, Emergency Management personnel at 240- 313- 4360. Weather-related information can be obtained through the Federal Emergency Management Agency at

Developing weather conditions can be monitored at, by clicking on "Quick Links."

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