Letters to the Editor - Aug. 24

August 24, 2011

Women’s health care just as important as men’s

To the editor:

New health insurance plans are now required to cover women’s preventive services without charging a co-payment, co-insurance or a deductible.

Since there is a disparity in incomes between men and women, this is not something that should even be debated. If men can get happy pills, pumps, vasectomies and Pro-Vas Occlusions, what is the big problem providing for women as well?

Too often, the combination of women’s lower incomes and burdensome health costs means that women forgo necessary preventive services, making even more cost to society at large and women in particular.

Please, for your daughters, sisters, nieces, girlfriends and the rest of us, support this important move. Let’s stop being hypocrites in the land of the free.

Eve Birch
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Authority in Washington must be rescinded

To the editor:

Barack Obama and his appointed henchmen, as well as numerous Democratic and several Republican congressmen and congresswomen are mostly greedy, selfish and arrogant. Obama has enacted “amnesty” for the illegal immigrants by executive order. This flies in the face of my parents, who paid a fee and became good naturalized citizens as well as others who did the same. Obama and his appointees, as well as many politicians, seem to think they are above us law-abiding citizens. They should be impeached and thrown out of office.

The U.S. is on a fast track as Obama and his congressional allies continue to spend money faster than any government in history. Due to bailouts for Wall Street banks and pork-barrel stimulus programs, the federal government went from a deficit of $157 billion in 2007 to $1.8 trillion in 2009. In 2010, the deficit was $1.4 trillion, and it’s expected to be $1 trillion in 2011.

Two groups benefited during the 2008-11 recession without as much as a scratch — Wall Street bankers and government employees.  Washington cannot be trusted with the responsibility of governing; therefore, the authority must be rescinded. The American people are being “hoodwinked.” The downgrade of the U.S. debt rating will cause serious consequences for the stock market and the dollar. This is the first time in U.S. history. At the same time, state, county and city governments are sporting record deficits as they borrow more taxpayer money to maintain six-figure salaries and bloated pension for public emplyee unions.

Remember these events when we go to the polls to vote and hopefully reverse the damage.

Robert Thiess

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