Mail Call - Aug. 24

August 23, 2011

“First of all, I’m not registered as a Republican or a Democrat. I’m simply unaffiliated, but I do vote, every election. Somebody keeps calling in to Mail Call, and I have to assume it’s the same person, because hopefully there’s not that many people so ill-informed to make the comments made — but somebody keeps saying that since the House representatives were taken over by the Republicans, all these bad things are happening. Just ... actually, the entire Congress is what changes things. So it’s the Congress they need to be blaming, which is actually Democrat, not the House.”
— Hagerstown

“I’d like to know when the city of Hagerstown is going to crack down on landlords who are absentees and irresponsible.”
— Sherman Avenue

“I’m calling about the article in the paper today, the 15th, about the people who don’t get their checks back with their bank statement. I’d like to suggest that they check with their bank, because my bank is very good, and I don’t have a computer, either, so they send me copies with my statement, copies of my checks that I have written for that period of time, and I hope you can do the same.”
— Hagerstown

“What was the point in bringing up old news in a front-page story, when the gentleman’s obituary appeared three pages back? Deplorable and appalling.”
— Hagerstown

“This country is in terrible shape, and I think that what we need to do is to forego this NAFTA program that we sent all the jobs south of the border to Mexico. Forego NAFTA and bring those jobs back to the U.S. That would create jobs.”
— Hagerstown, North End

“British Prime Minister David Cameron for president of the U.S.”
— Brightwood Acres East

“I’d like to make a comment to the Smithsburg caller, about the Republicans and the Democrats. It seems to me that they’re the smart ones and we’re the dumb ones, because we can see where they are not accomplishing anything that we want, yet we’re dumb enough to keep voting them back in. People ought to think about that a little bit.”
— Falling Waters, W.Va.

“I have a fellow worker, he and I both make near six-figure incomes. He has four children, I have one. I had to pay for my son’s entire college education, and I get taxed a good bit. He gets write-offs, he gets all kinds of tax exemptions for the kids, he gets stimulus checks, when George Bush was giving them out. He gets college help for at least two of his children. This is unfair. People who have children ... people that choose to have children need to quit getting exemptions and pay their fair share of the taxes. This burden shouldn’t always be on the single or the two families, two incomes without children. It’s their choice to have children.”
— Hagerstown

“I have a complaint about, we have a Dumpster in our apartment building here, and every day when we go down to take our trash down, or every other day, whenever we do it, there’s, the Dumpster seems to be full, and it is full of building materials, furniture and things like that. They don’t take that kind of stuff, but you fill our Dumpsters up with it, and we can’t even get our trash in there. I don’t know how to solve this problem, but I am going to start keeping a watch on this Dumpster at nighttime.”
— West End

“I would like to make a comment in response to the person who wrote in responding to the lady from Pleasant Valley looking for clubs and activities. Thank goodness we are not all angry and bitter, like the person who responded. Rest assured, there are a lot of great things to do. I suggest going into Boonsboro, which is pretty close to Pleasant Valley. There’s lots of exercise classes, book clubs. You could look in the newspaper; ‘Around Town’ has articles of upcoming events.”
— Boonsboro

“I’d like to know how you can get a fox, a possum, three groundhogs and a big groundhog out underneath of a building. They’re destructing it something terrible.”
— Dual Highway

“There’s been a lot of talk about job creation, and which party does a better job. If you just take a little trouble and check online, you’ll find that there were more jobs created in the Clinton administration than in Reagan and both Bush administrations combined. Eight years vs. 20, and more jobs were created? Think about it.”
— Waynesboro, Pa.

“For the parent who’s too tired to work with their kid when they come home from school: I’m sorry you had kids. You probably shouldn’t have. I would think you’d want your kids to be the best and brightest. That means we would pay to get the best and brightest teachers in Washington County, and you would work with your kids to make sure they have every advantage. Kids, if you’re reading this, an education is the most valuable asset you can get, and it’s something no one can ever take away from you.”
— Hagerstown

“I’d like to know where President Obama spent $3 trillion. I know he spent for the banks, union, car companies, insurance companies, 150,000 more government employees, oil for Brazil for drilling, 124 czars, to change the laws which they did not vote on, was never voted in office.”
— Hagerstown

“I returned an item to the store that I purchased. I noticed that the girl didn’t give me back the full amount of what the purchase was. So I questioned her about this and she said that I don’t get my taxes back on this item. Can anyone tell me, is this legal for them to keep my taxes, and then I get a purchase on top of it, and have nothing to show for it? Can anyone help with this, or know anything about it?”
— Keedysville

“Go back to 2008. President Obama seemed like a rock star, all over the world. Now he looks like a karaoke singer on a Wednesday night at a bar.”
— Williamsport

“When your income is less than your outgo, your upkeep will be your downfall. It’s time to cut up the nation’s credit cards, Mr. Obama. You were elected president, not anointed king.”
— Clear Spring

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