Letters to the Editor - Aug. 20

August 19, 2011

Congratulations to Maugansville Little League

To the editor:

I am very thankful and appreciative of the effort put forth by the Maugansville Little League and the community to represent Maryland District 1 in a positive way for all other Maryland district parents and players during the Maryland State 11-12 Little League Tournament.

The Maugansville Little League put together a tournament committee that went above and beyond the identified requirements and delivered to the state of Maryland and Little League International an enjoyable and an unforgettable experience

The tournament committee was directed by Kelly Colbert, president of Maugansville Little League, and the committee members are as follows: Greg Lloyd, Jason Carbaugh, Jay and Betty Stouffer, Penny and Dan Hilden, Kristie and Todd Lawson, Brad Hose, Phil Daniels, Sabina and Curt Spicher, Lance Strickland, Rick Reeder, Noel and Marta Medina, Andy Clemmer, Rusty Coursey, Dwayne McCleary, Patrick O'Connor and Jacob Carbaugh. In addition, many more individuals gave their time and effort to ensure that Maugansville Little League delivered a great tournament.

The tournament started on Saturday, July 23, with opening ceremonies and four games, leading up to the final championship game on July 29. There were many positive comments concerning the Maugansville Little League Complex from several of the visiting teams from the field, to playing conditions to the opening ceremonies that went right on cue, to all the fantastic guest speakers and finally the singing of the national anthem.

A first for a Maryland State 11-12 Little League Tournament was the Web casting from the first pitch to the last game (congratulations to The Herald-Mail which did an extraordinary play-by-play for every game). A radio station from the Cambridge, Md., area broadcast their District 6 games. The Herald-Mail did an excellent job in covering the entire process from opening day ceremonies to the last game when our District 1 team, the Conococheague Little League, won the state title.

We were very fortunate to have our District 1 winner, Conococheague Little League, involved in many great baseball games, and the fan base from Hagerstown and surrounding areas were just as great and many of the players from the other districts never played in front of so many fans. The championship game had approximately 2,300 spectators and more than 700 views in the Web casting for a total of more than 3,000 viewers watching an 11/12 year old Little League game.

All of this could not have happened or have been so extremely successful without the support of all the volunteers of the Maugansville Little League, all of the sponsors, the Maugansville community and the great fans of Hagerstown Little League Baseball.

Larry Hammond
Maryland District 1 Administrator


Parking discourages writer from going downtown

To the editor:

I moved to Washington County 35 years ago. I supported downtown Hagerstown until 15 or more years ago when I received a parking citation in the North Potomac parking deck.

That paper under my windshield wiper made supporting the downtown area difficult. This parking deck demands that vehicles park "front-end in" only. I had parked by backing into the parking space. I looked around to see whether any other vehicles had parked incorrectly and found that only one other vehicle had parked as I did. It was a police car. Apparently, the law enforcement officer and I were the only ones who learned correct parking methods.

One's view is hampered when one must back into the traffic flow, which is made necessary when one parks front-end in first. This is especially true when larger vehicles park next to smaller vehicles. Egress is safer when one has optimum view of oncoming traffic obtained by entering the traffic flow front-end first. This is why organizations (fire departments, police, contractors, delivery services, etc.) that have company vehicles require that those vehicles be parked by backing into the space so as to be ready to leave quickly and/or safely.

Parking in Hagerstown is a problem for some of us. I find downtown Frederick very appealing and welcoming as I am allowed to use the parking deck in a safe manner. Although I think of Washington County as home, I support another county due to how I park my car.

Karlen Keto
Knoxville, Md.

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