Back to school, again

August 18, 2011

This upcoming school year will be of critical importance to students, teachers and parents.

If this is a message that, in the far recesses of your mind, you recall hearing from us in the past, you would be correct. That’s because with each passing year, education matters as it never has before.

No one needs to be told that jobs are scarce. And of the promising jobs that are out there, many are in careers that didn’t even exist a decade or two ago. Things are changing that fast.

It’s a world to which all who are involved with education must pay strict attention. For administrators and teachers, that means keeping current with new trends and then providing the right curriculum and right motivation for the kids. For parents, it means staying involved; it is no longer a debatable point that parental support is a key ingredient of success.

And for students themselves, the message is perhaps even more sobering, in some ways. For the tough new job world requires a bit more growing up and, indeed, growing up a bit faster. It’s not a bad idea for kids to start thinking about vocations at an earlier age and, dare we say, asserting themselves in that direction with more than the typical energy.

That said, all sides should recognize that learning, properly done, is interesting and fun.

Perhaps there are students who do not believe this. All right. Then for them, consider that knowledge translates into money. What goes into your mind today will go into your bank account tomorrow. Is it that simple? Yes, it pretty much is. So those cars and houses and boats you dream about are facilitated by paying attention in school.

And one final word to all, as the school season approaches: Please be mindful of school buses and kids on the roadsides, be they walking to school or waiting for a ride. Even with all the public-service messages each year, there are still far too many accidents and violations involving stopped school buses. Everyone’s time is valuable, but not so valuable that it is worth endangering a child.

So as everyone heads back to school, we wish all a happy, healthy and successful year.

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