Letters to the Editor - Aug. 15

August 14, 2011

Children riding bikes in streets are flirting with danger

To the editor:

The following is a hint to local parents. The next time your child leaves your home on his or her bicycle, I would suggest that you follow them at a discreet distance. You might be shocked and appalled at the risks they are taking in the streets of Hagerstown.

Recently, on South Potomac Street, two boys were riding their bikes right in the middle of the street, straddling the double yellow line, then weaving back and forth. Several cars had to slow down and almost come to a stop. The boys blew through the red light at Memorial Boulevard without looking for oncoming traffic.

The next day, around 5 p.m., a young man was in the bicycle lane on North Locust Street doing wheelies and also weaving in and out of the lane. He went through several red lights. On a number of local roads, I have witnessed young people on bicycles tearing through intersections when the light was red, without slowing down or looking. Some of them even seem to think it's a joke when cars slam on brakes or blow their horns.

Sadly, I have seen some adults showing similar disregard for their safety.

I have wondered a number of times if the parents of these careless children have any idea that when their kids leave the house that they are putting their lives in danger. Please talk to your kids about safety.

Vickie Layton

Don't call for actions you are condemning

To the editor:

I read a recent letter to the editor and I was disgusted. The writer complains that Michelle Bachmann's husband has become a news item and Sarah Palin has had her trash picked through. Yet, he goes right on to try to indicate that Michelle Obama should be investigated.

Michelle Obama has been criticized, trashed and made fun of now for more than three years, and here he's trying to do it yet again. Doesn't he think the GOP has already beaten that 2002 Michelle Obama dead horse to death enough?

If we are to complain about other people not following the Golden Rule, we must follow it ourselves. Matthew 7:5 says it best: "You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

June Moeller

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