Letters to the Editor - Aug. 13

August 12, 2011

Congress should pass means test for government workers

To the editor:

In 1986, Congress did all veterans a great injustice when it created the means test. The injustice being that when we were discharged from the service after World War II and Korea, we were promised health care for life. The means test evaluated us and put us into categories depending on net worth in the VA (Veterans Administration) system.

My problem is simple: When one goes to the VA for care, they are asked if they have private insurance. If they do, the VA bills the insurance company, and the insurance company bills the patient a co-pay and a service charge. If the patient has no private insurance, they are not charged. This a double standard and discriminatory.

I addressed this problem before, with no satisfaction. With all the grandstanding about a balanced budget, if Congress would put all government workers on the same means test as the 82nd Congress put all veterans on, we could balance the budget in short order.

If a member of Congress serves one term, they have health care for life. If this is not discriminatory, then Congress must explain to me why. They passed the means test for veterans and not all government workers. If it weren't for veterans, I wouldn't be here writing this statement.

Clyde C. Stair
Greencastle, Pa.

Humane Society fundraisers deserve thanks

To the editor:

I wish to thank all the bikers for their fundraising for the Humane Society of Washington County. Their participation is surely a worthy cause in helping all animals at the shelter.

Also, Sybil Schiffman's letter in today's paper Aug. 4, 2011, is surely telling facts about irresponsible pet owners.

Read her letter and stop blaming the Humane Society for animal ills when pet owners do not accept their responsibility.

Today's society is all about excuses and expecting someone else to fix all your complaints.

Thanks to Mr. Paul Miller, director of the Humane Society, for all his difficult decisions and hard work as well as the workers and volunteers who can never receive enough praise for their diligence and caring for the animals.

If you're not giving proper care and love to your animal, find someone who will. They hurt and have feelings just as humans do.

Rosa Lee Meyers

Thanks to all who made alumni events a success

To the editor:

Thanks to all Rebels alumni, past principals, faculty, friends and to Betty Jones, who brought Vivian Hyde. The Mega 55th Reunion was a grand evening with everyone at Hager Hall — thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen, especially our president, Sherry Gilliam Itnyre, Donnie Viar and Mace Auto Body.

The golf tournament at Beaver Creek on June 23 was a success again this year. Thanks to our diamond/platinum/gold/green sponsors, cart sponsors, all patrons and donors. Also, thank you to Beaver Creek Country Club and staff, Phil Petry's "Best BBQ in Town" and all volunteers. Our golfers are the best — they do more than play; they support students at South High.

The alumni association awarded $1,000 scholarships to Alexandra "Lexi" Turano and Matthew Koebel.

Next year's golf outing is June 14. Mark your calendar and check our website — — for other events.

Suzie Murray Gozora, vice president
South Hagerstown High School Alumni Association

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