Williamsport continues to consider restrictions on large truck traffic

August 08, 2011|By DAVE McMILLION |

Williamsport officials are still looking at ways to restrict large truck traffic in town and Mayor James G. McCleaf II said Monday night he would like to see a law implementing new regulations passed in October.

Town officials talked in March about lowering weight limits on some roads within town boundaries to a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds.

That would keep many dump trucks and tractor-trailers off the restricted portions of those roads, even if they are not loaded, officials said.

Town officials said they have been looking at restrictions for trucks in town due to noise, dirt and damage to streets from truck traffic.

During Monday night’s regular Williamsport Town Council meeting, McCleaf talked about restricting truck traffic coming into town from the Bottom Road area.

At the intersection with U.S. 11 in town, trucks would either have to turn left or right on U.S. 11 instead of coming through the center of town past Town Hall, and other businesses and homes, McCleaf said.

Ed Kuczynski, Williamsport’s attorney, said Monday night he did not see any problem with restricting truck traffic, as long as the town provides new routes for trucks and proper signs.

Kuczynski also asked council members how they plan to deal with trucks making deliveries in town. Kuczynski talked about exemptions for local truck deliveries, and McCleaf said he is sensitive to the issue.

“We’re not going to hurt anybody’s business,” McCleaf said.

Kuczynski stressed the importance of allowing public input on the proposal.

Several residents, including Carolyn Spinney, talked about truck traffic. Spinney said tractor-trailers, farm trucks, school buses and dump trucks often go up North Artizan Street between Potomac and Salisbury streets.

The road can’t handle that kind of traffic and the 25-mph speed limit on the street is ignored, Spinney said.

“They tear up that hill,” she said.

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