Letters to the Editor - Aug. 6

August 06, 2011

Do we have our priorities in proper perspective?

To the editor:

This letter is not to condemn anyone because the King James version of the Bible tells us that we condemn ourselves in what we do or fail to do.

But I wonder why people in Hancock haven’t stepped up to help a man in need care for his lawn. I do not know the reason for it being unkept, but if it is due to the thought of not being paid to do so, shame on all of us. Let us all ask ourselves: “Who gave us the very breath that we breathe? Who puts food on our table, shoes on our feet, clothes on our back, gives us a bed to sleep in, keeps us safe, a roof over our heads, and the strength that we have?”

How I wish that my own health would permit me to load up my mower onto the truck (the Lord has blessed me with both) and go to town to mow the man’s grass. And the thought of having to be paid, in my mind, would be overshadowed with the God-given privilege to be able to help someone less fortunate than myself. I would do it for the Lord, and not for the man nor for me. But I guess that the Lord has not blessed too many folks as He’s done for a nothing like me.

Perhaps it would behoove all of us to take a second look at our priorities in life to see if we really do have them in proper perspective. I fear that too many of us would come up way short of what the word of God has to say about them. Could it be that in His great mercy, due to the fervent prayers of His righteous few, He has spared our little town from being wiped off of the face of the map according to what He has done in Old Testament times, and in certain areas today, but instead has put a curse upon us? Has anyone ever considered that? “God judgeth the righteous, and is angry with the wicked everyday? (Psalm 7:11).

It puts a mark of shame upon this town when we ignore the needs of the disabled. God’s looking down, folks.

Nancy Martin

Bush’s recession was better than Obama’s recovery

To the editor:

As another “Summer of Recovery” rolls on, the liberal media is in a tizzy over Republicans refusing to go along with President Obama and raise taxes on corporations and the so-called rich.

However, when one takes a close look at the debt numbers, one will see raising taxes will do nothing to solve the problem

This year, Obama’s annual deficit will be more than $1.7 trillion dollars. Who and what could Democrats tax that could possibly cover that staggering amount?

Much talk has been over the corporate tax credit that Obama wants repealed. What is not mentioned is that tax credit was part of the “stimulus” plan that Democrats passed in 2009. The government could collect that tax for 200 years and the amount of money collected would not cover one year of Obama’s debt.

As the nation endures a 9.2 percent unemployment rate, a record number of people on food stamps, record deficits and debt, nearly nonexistent economic growth and the big bust that this “stimulus” was, the last thing that should happen is a tax increase. We have seen once again, as we did under Jimmy Carter, that tax-and-spend liberalism is a total failure.

The last budget defict under President Bush was around $480 billion and unemployment was around 7 percent, and Democrats said we were heading for another Great Depression. It is clear to me that Bush’s recession was much better than Obama’s recovery.

Terry Weddle

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