Marriage licenses

August 06, 2011

Marriage licenses issued in June in Washington County

Quentin Carlisle Jackson, 40, and Ileana Santiago, 32, both of Hagerstown

Timothy Brian Stout, 36, and Michelle Marie Gary, 37, both of Hagerstown

Brandt Lois Kauffman, 30, and Wing Kuen Lo, 34, both of Parkville, Md.

Jason Scott Turner, 40, of Williamsport, and Kathryn Ann Naylor, 27, of Hampstead, Md.

Arthur White III, 27, and Jacqueline Felisha McGetchy, 24, both of Middle River, Md.

Bert Arthur Crosby, 41, and Marla Jean Westby, 39, both of Hagerstown

Gregory Stephen Walter, 47, of Fairfield, Pa., and Teresa Ann Wright, 39, of Frederick, Md.

Christopher Todd Hornbaker, 21, and Kayla Dawn Knight, 21, both of Clear Spring

Bradley Matthew Hanson, 30, and Emily Lynn Walters, 28, both of Baltimore

Michael Brenden Milbert, 41, of Darnstown, Md., and Kimberly Sue Michael, 44, of Boonsboro

Steven Christopher Fierros II, 19, and Katie Nicole Kerns, 18, both of Hagerstown

Nicholas Ray Tabb, 31, of Martinsburg, W.Va., and Anastasya Hillary Evanisko, 34, of Shepherdstown, W.Va.

Gregory Alan McCoy, 42, and Gloria Jean Walther, 41, both of Hagerstown

Teodoro Marteniz Flores, 47, and Nancy Nicole Neff, 27, both of Hagerstown

Ryan Michael Kelly, 24, and Amy Lea Casto, 23, both of Hagerstown

Michael Tyrone Johnson, 38, and Theresa Ann Johnson, 37, both of Baltimore

Mukhtar Lachinovich Akhmedov, 41, and Nargisa Suleymanovna Chakhalova, 33, both of Hagerstown

Kyle David Unger, 23, of Hagerstown, and Kathleen Marie Barger, 23, of Boonsboro

Evan Curtis Gould, 23, and Courtney Michelle Monninger, 22, both of Lynchburg, Va.

Thomas James Trimble, 26, of Eldersburg, Md., and Stefanie Anne Barr, 25, of Hagerstown

Richard Hurd Sprankle, 22, and Brittany Nicole Hawkins, 22, both of Hagerstown

Erik John Jakobsen, 27, and Krisztina Varga, 28, both of Harrisonburg, Va.

Jonathan Seth Flom, 33, and Jennifer Elizabeth Czapla, 28, both of Winchester, Va.

Larry Lee Forrest Jr., 38, and Nicole Marie Sharrah, 34, both of Hagerstown

Keith Robert Richner, 39, and Robin Lynn Walter, 45, both of Mount Airy, Md.

James Nelson Fisher, 30, and Kelli Marie Korrell, 28, both of Fairfield, Pa.

David Paul Hutcher, 35, of Mifflinburg, Pa., and Anson Elizabeth Long, 34, of Indiana, Pa.

Steven Peter Pottman, 49, and Lisa Marie Aronow Schneider, 46, both of Hagerstown

James Edward Miller, 26, and Amber Nicole Griffith, 22, both of Hanover, Pa.

David Allen Shoop, 36, and Carole Joanne Martina, 32, both of Hagerstown

Jeffrey Alan Matthews, 50, and Amanda Kay Brereton, 43, both of Hagerstown

Justin Lee Clevenger, 23, and Jessica Marie Mitchell, 22, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Jesse Nole Duffey, 29, and Holly Ann Steiner, 28, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Tyson Jay Smith, 39, and Joyce Emily Vanes, 28, both of Hagerstown

Andrew George Wardwell, 23, and Kathleen Naomi Palmer, 24, both of Beverly, Mass.

Caruso Jefferson Freze, 50, and Denise Diane Hoch, 56, both of Newville, Pa.

Mark Anthony Clipp Jr., 27, and Jamie Lelann Tabler, 27, both of Hagerstown

Edgar David Martinez Romero, 25, and Nadia Mirella Martell Paredes, 31, both of Hagerstown

Arthur Montavon Campbell, 36, and Stephanie Jo Ann Nash, 35, both of Hagerstown

Keon Anthony Brown, 26, of Temple Hill, Md., and Brit`ne Tenai James, 24, of Fort Washington, Md.

Erik Trapper Rowland, 24, and Teresa Jean Garde, 24, both for Waynesboro, Pa.

Dana Lynn Landis, 29, and Angie Lynnette Horvat, 22, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Jeffery Thomas Enama, 31, and Kari Beth Holman, 32, both of Frederick, Md.

Jeffrey Allen Weaver, 36, of Knoxville, and Michelle Lynn Heres, 36, of Boonsboro

Shane Wayne Smith, 37, of Hagerstown, and Erica Elizabeth Frazier, 31, of Hancock

James Calvin Myers II, 31, and Leeann Frazier, 31, both of Williamsport

Gregory Allen Mills, 31, and Melissa Lynette Koogle, 33, both of Hagerstown

Ronald Lawson Abel Sr., 44, and Mary Marie Harne, 39, both of Hagerstown

Joshua Clinton Flesher, 24, and Rebecca Lee Collins, 24, both of Hagerstown

Daryl Matthew Stotler, 22, and Amber Leanne Fox, 23, both of Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Jacob Hunter Williams, 30, and Tiffany Carla Hunnicutt, 35, both of Olney, Md.

Andre Antoine Motayne, 26, and Allison Beth Shephard, 26, both of Frederick, Md.

Brian Lee Louden Slager, 31, and Sharon Lynne Baldwin, 27, both of Boonsboro

Jorge Luis Aviles Rojas, 23, and Kimberly Faye Snell, 26, both of Hagerstown

Victor Lee McCusker, 41, and Rachel Louise Trokanski, 34, both of Hancock

Tab Eugene Frisby, 50, and Linda Darlene Jones, 56, both of Hagerstown

Paul Joseph Miller II, 30, and Karen Marie Barnes, 27, both of Frederick, Md.

Salvador Enrique Marin Garcia, 27, and Lusmila Sanchz Santiaclara, 30, both of Knoxville

Curtis Wayne Ecker, 30, of Williamsport, and Amy Nicole Mayhew, 23, of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Mark Jesse Houser, 31, and Lisa Marie Yost, 25, both of Hagerstown

Michael Vernon Alexander, 30, and Anastasia Diana Kershner, 40, both of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Ira Chester Horst, 76, of Greencastle, Pa., and Elsie Vesta Horst, 58, of Hagerstown

Paul Nelson Crampton III, 25, and Kari Ann Stine, 33, both of Funkstown

Kendall Leigh Hurst, 26, of Lanham, Md., and Veronica Danielle Jackson, 26, of Silver Spring, Md.

William Frederick Dietrich, 59, and Stacey Lynn Schmader, 42, both of Mercersburg, Pa.

Anthony Lawrence Eby, 20, of Greencastle, Pa., and Helen Lois Showalter, 20, of Waynesboro, Pa.

Andrew Owen Chilcoat, 21, of Hagerstown, and Halea Kristina Flanary, 19, of Waynesboro, Pa.

Kenneth Andrew Smith, 31, and Jamie Lee Doyle, 25, both of Smithsburg

Eric Terrell Frazier, 43, and Linette Elizabeth Marshall, 40, both of Hagerstown

Jonathan Earl Mizel, 27, and Nancy Jean Coffey, 33, both of Smithsburg

Carl Adam Hetzel, 25, of Thurmont, Md., and Samantha Jo Zimmerman, 25, of Sabillasville

William Paul Burson Sr., 49, and Barbara Lynn Wright, 51, both of Clear Spring

Russell Steven Cromwell, 24, of Sharpsburg, and Kaitlyn Danielle Reese, 19, of Boonsboro

Travis Lemar Taylor, 31, and Yolanda Marie Colmenar, 30, both of Hagerstown

Albert Goldstein, 78, and Diane Streeks Goldstein, 70, both of Camden, S.C.

Patrick Christopher Dattilio, 23, and Elizabeth Riga Sager, 22, both of Hagerstown

Armando Hernandez, 28, and Elda Sanchez, 19, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Jeffrey Lee Callejo, 24, and Amanda Lynne Hollinger, 26, both of Hagerstown

Robert Lee Fleegle, 43, and Sharon Louise Swope, 34, both of Warfordsburg, Pa.

Jesse Ryan Allamong, 31, of Smithsburg, and Elizabeth Danielle Funk, 26, of Boonsboro

Elmer Wilfredo Flores Vasquez, 30, and Mirna Dinora Aguilar Portillo, 29, both of Hagerstown

Timothy Mark Mills, 53, of Big Pool, and Karen Lynne Snyder, 52, of Clear Spring

Lester Kay Nave, 50, and Cassandra Dee Stoey, 45, both of Hagerstown

Robert Louis Hoch, 25, and Joanna Marie Hose, 25, both of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Charles Richard Gourley, 59, of Mercersburg, Pa., and Alice Faye Baker, 62, of Hagerstown

Delontae Aundre Brown, 18, and Quenesha La Faye Bowie, 22, both of Hagerstown

Robert Jason Mills, 40, and Shannon Marie Harne, 34, both of Hedgesville, W.Va.

Biju George Thomas, 40, of Centreville, Va., and Allison Elizabeth Miller, 35, of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Wilmer Carol Glaser III, 40, and Robin Porter Coon, 44, both of Hagerstown

James Arthur Juggins, 31, and Christine Nicole Norris, 29, both of Hagerstown

John Kenneth Kriner, 53, and Debra Kay Yeakle, 48, both of Clear Spring

Kevin John Heslin, 60, and Joanne Marie Byrd, 51, both of Frederick, Md.

Kevin Wayne Barron, 38, and Laurie Ann Messick, 40, both of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Rex Albert Young, 52, and Deatrie Megan Valentine, 35, both of Boonsboro

Scott Alan Brooks, 39, and Melissa Ann Snider, 40, both of Hagerstown

Bobby Floyd Hall II, 46, of Waynesboro, Pa., and Penny Kay Rumbaugh, 48, of Cascade

Daniel Terry Lee Stouffer, 19, and Samantha Lynn Gantt, 19, both of Hagerstown

Nolberto Oliva Sazo, 25, and Irlanda Pantiga Paz, 33, both of Hagerstown

David Theodore Mills, 70, and Carole Jo Ann Mills, 68, both of Clear Spring

Guy Raymond Gantt 3rd, 21, and Samantha Louise Murphy, 18, both of Hagerstown

Edward Frank Basler, 41, and Ronda Marie Treece, 37, both of Hagerstown

Gerber Antonio Hernandez Mazariegos, 28, and Tonya Brooke Snow, 32, both of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Dennis Karl Richardson Jr., 34, of Greencastle, Pa., and Kayla Wyn Pepple, 22, of Waynesboro, Pa.

Mark Alan Fogle Jr., 26, and Stephanie Jo Horner, 26, both of Hagerstown

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