List of major projects at Washington County Public Schools

August 06, 2011

The following is a list of major projects, and some smaller ones, going on at Washington County Public Schools this summer.

The list notes whether the project is complete or was under construction as of Aug. 1. Some listed as under construction might have been completed last week.

The project costs, when listed, are the contract amounts approved by the Board of Education, per Herald-Mail archives and school board meeting minutes.

Boonsboro Elementary School
• Boiler/chiller replacement. Under construction. $447,000*†

Boonsboro Middle School
• Locker replacement. Complete. $62,800 base bid
• HVAC replacement. Under construction. $2,356,200*

Boonsboro High School
• Old gym floor repair. Complete.
• Circa-1976 gym bleacher replacement. Under construction. $84,500
• School-based wellness center. Under construction. $244,336
• Boiler replacement. Under construction. $214,500*†
• Primary electric-line replacement. Under construction. $156,785*
• Exterior security and ADA improvements. Under construction. $99,890
• Athletic field grading (stadium field). Under construction. (Does not include new irrigation system or sod) $50,518
• Overlay rear parking lot. Complete.
• Install portable classroom. Under construction. $116,855††

Cascade Elementary School
• Modify ramp to meet ADA requirements. Under construction. $348,000 base bid
• Multipurpose room HVAC. Under construction.

Claud Kitchens Outdoor School at Fairview
• Paving driveway and parking lot. Under construction.

Clear Spring High School
• Replace east-side entrance concrete steps and add ADA-compliant ramp at this entrance. Under construction. $106,400

Eastern Elementary School
• Replace flooring in three offices. Complete.

Emma K. Doub Elementary School
• HVAC replacement. Under construction. $1,089,900*

Fountain Rock Elementary School
• Ceiling and lighting replacement, and duct alterations. Under construction. $301,807*†††

Greenbrier Elementary School
• Add temporary walls and shelving units to create classroom. Complete.

Lincolnshire Elementary School
• Install portable classroom. Under construction. $116,855††

Northern Middle School
• Window and door replacement. Under construction. $249,700*
• Underground fuel tank removed and replaced. Under construction. $119,451 base bid†

Old Forge Elementary School
• Overlay parking lots and playground. Under construction.

Paramount Elementary School
• Replace playground swing set. Complete.

Pleasant Valley Elementary School
• Roof replacement. Complete. $418,000 base bid*

Sharpsburg Elementary School
• Replace playground swing set. Complete.
• Repaint parking-lot lines for traffic control. Complete.
• State-owned portable renovation. $42,715 base bid

Smithsburg Elementary School
• Roof replacement. Under construction. $546,000*
• Install ADA-compliant sidewalk to play equipment. Complete.

Smithsburg Middle School
• Interior renovations to seal off some classrooms in an open-space-style building. Includes raising walls, adding doors and fire-safety improvements required for the new closed rooms. Complete.

Smithsburg High School
• Boiler replacement. Under construction. $629,100*†

South Hagerstown High School
• Stage floor replacement. Complete.
• Sidewalk and curb improvements. Under construction.

Springfield Middle School
• Repair/replace storm drains. Complete.

Washington County Technical High School
• Partial ceiling and lighting replacement, and duct modifications. Under construction. $301,807*†††
• Overlay main drive and parking lots. Under construction.
• Roof replacement. Obtaining architectural and engineering services. (The roof is scheduled to be replaced during summer 2012.)

Williamsport High School
• ADA stadium platform/bleacher installation. Under construction.
• Visitor-side bleacher installation at stadium. Under construction.
• Install ADA-compliant sidewalk at baseball field. Complete.

Winter Street Elementary School
• Replace carpet and remove asbestos tile from main and principal’s offices. Under construction.
• Remove asbestos tile from stage and replace tile. Under construction.

* Deferred maintenance projects.
† Project expected to continue into the new school year.
†† Contract for $116,855 includes installing a portable classroom at Boonsboro High School, installing one at Lincolnshire Elementary School and demolishing one at Lincolnshire.
††† Contracts include projects at Fountain Rock Elementary School and Washington County Technical High School.

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