Deed transfers

August 06, 2011

Deed transfers for June in Washington County

DRB Financial Corp., 18414 Wissett Way, Hagerstown, to Richard and Meresia K. Bosnic, for $240,000.

DRB Financial Corp., 9413 Westenberger Drive, Hagerstown, to James M. Derrico, for $232,355.

DRB Financial Corp., 9429 Westenberger Drive, Hagerstown, to Crispin L. Bray Jr., for $217,058.

DRB Financial Corp., 9445 Westenberger Drive, Hagerstown, to Gregory Alan Reick, for $234,990.

Westfields Investment, 9618 Ashbury Circle, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp., for $120,000.

Westfields Investment, 9606 Ashbury Circle, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp., for $120,000.

Casimir A. Raszewski, 12526 Bradbury Ave., Smithsburg, to Dale Shank Sr., for $149,900.

Christopher S. and Michele S. Phillips, 8 Brightwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Ashley M. and Robert F. Ruane, for $203,603.

Mark S. and Rhonda L. Orndorff, 52 N. Main St., Smithsburg, to Angela M. Kershner, for $137,900.

Elmwood Realty LLLP, 13340 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, to Ausherman Homes Inc., for $165,000.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 13323 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, to Jason R. and Tammy L. Sigler, for $266,115.
Elmwood Realty LLLP, 13308 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, to Ausherman Homes Inc., for $165,000.

Elmwood Realty LLLP, 13312 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, to Ausherman Homes Inc., for $165,000.

Sterling E. and Kathie A. Crampton, 3614-3612 Harpers Ferry Road, Sharpsburg, to Rex L. Ransom Jr., for $153,000.

John R. Thompson Jr. and Heather L. Thompson, 13426 Rhodes Court, Clear Spring, to Craig A. and Amy C. Werner, for $75,000.

Junior K. and Kristina M. Castell, 18109 Lyles Drive, Hagerstown, to Hiram and Karen A.T. Alicea, for $209,900.

Julia L. and Christopher L. Anderson, 9615 Clydeleven Drive, Hagerstown, to Michael H. and Linda Gitt, for $500,675.

Joseph Barnes, 17325 Gay St., Hagerstown, to Terry W. Quesenberry, for $144,900.

Ruth A. and Robert E. Gipe, trustees, 428 Vermont Ave., Hagerstown, to Michael E. Duvall, for $122,500.

DR Horton, 1060 Klick Way, Hagerstown, to Leo R. Chandler, for $271,410.

Victoria L. Churchey, 128 Elm St., Hagerstown, to David Wolfe, for $25,000.

Shannon Jarvis and John R. King, 1831 Londontowne Circle, Hagerstown, to Joginder Matharu and Ranjita Kaur, for $200,000.

Briarmount LLC, 10109 Roulette Drive, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $70,000.

Karen Abbamonta, 13313 Fountain Head Road, Hagerstown, to Laura H. Spessard, for $200,000.

Jason R. and Tammy L. Sigler, 17704 Winterberry Road, Hagerstown, to Andrew A. Prindle, for $142,500.

Richard L. and Kathy L. Henneberger, 21613 Mount Lena Road, Boonsboro, to Guy William and Brenda Lee Meiron, for $249,500.

Terry Newlin, 630 Beaver Creek Road, Hagerstown, to Al B. Smith III, for $145,000.

John E. and Patricia A. Toffling, 141 W. Main St., Sharpsburg, to Jeffrey J. and Sarah T. Prenger, for $440,000.

Jose Torres and Maria Lopez Romero, 943 Kasinof Ave., Hagerstown, to Dennis R. Shawyer Jr. and Emily R. Shawyer, for $130,000.

Christopher S. and Elizabeth A. Sloan, 5514 Ferrero Lane, Keedysville, to Amy L. and Michael E. Rinebolt, for $205,000.

Jeffrey A. and Sharon Wiles, 14851 National Pike, Clear Spring, to John F. Barr, for $120,000.

Fountainview LLC, 18719 Mesa Terrace, Hagerstown, to Corey A. and Carl L. Thomas, for $149,900.

Robert E. Hagelberg Jr. and Jennifer R. Hagelberg, 13820 Village Mill Drive, Maugansville, to Stephanie L. Small, for $136,000.

Jamie L. Kline, 13944 White Oak Ridge, Hancock, to Jarris R. and Jocelyn A. Crooks, for $84,000.

Hagerstown Fraternal Order of Eagles, 21655 Leitersburg Smithsburg Road, Hagerstown, to Robert M. Kovatch and Rose A. Bishop-Kovatch, for $110,000.

R&J Rehab LLC, 4 W. Maple St., Funkstown, to Pamela J. Tomak, for $140,000.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10301 Lantern Lane, Hagerstown, to Manor House Builders LLC, for $34,650.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10303 Lantern Lane, Hagerstown, to Manor House Builders LLC, for $30,250.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10305 Lantern Lane, Hagerstown, to Manor House Builders LLC, for $30,250.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10307 Lantern Lane, Hagerstown, to Manor House Builders LLC, for $30,250.

Carriage Hill LLC, 10311 Lantern Lane, Hagerstown, to Manor House Builders LLC, for $34,650.

Richard N. Funkhouser Jr. and Darcy M. Funkhouser, 13207 Hillandale Road, Hagerstown, to Michael A. and Ann Ragula, for $312,000.

Donald J. Ross, 11010 Rosewood Drive, Hagerstown, to Curtis E. and Tina L. Hull, for $123,900.

Paul Crampton LLC, 1217 Peppercorn Drive, Hagerstown, to Ricky K. Neikirk, for $182,000.

Ricky K. Neikirk, 1012 Brinker Drive, Hagerstown, to Paul Crampton LLC, for $70,000.

Churchey Group II LLC, 650 Tudor Drive, Hagerstown, to William R. and Jean L. Price, for $251,640.

Richmond Lee Downey, 114 Catawba Place, Hagerstown, to Robin T. Daymude, for $142,500.

Jessica L. Collier, 20239 Locust Grove Road, Rohrersville, to Jon S., Kelly A. Zillig and Barbara M. Zillig, for $455,000.

Samuel Robert Sigler, 11423 Rock Hill Road, Hagerstown, to James Robert Ewing Sr. and Crystal Marie Ewing, for $62,000.

Renee Aileen Wood, 5916 Potomac Drive, Sharpsburg, to Melvin Wayne Powell Jr., for $100,000.

Jason and Mindy Tringone, 103 Colton Court, Smithsburg, to Lynn M. Smith, for $244,900.

Evelyn J. Coe, 15215 Fairview Road, Clear Spring, to Samuel W. Foltz, for $55,000.

Bruce D. Younker, 10813 Clinton Ave., Hagerstown, to Dawn RD Reilly, for $135,000.

Donald W. Ishler, 21 Winter St., Hagerstown, to Jacobson Investments LLC, for $35,000.

Leon W. Transeua, 303 Sunbrook Lane, Hagerstown, to Richard and Mary Ann Croco, for $125,000.

Myrtle L. Haldeman, life estate, 331 Sunbrook Lane, Hagerstown, to Lorraine Shields, for $139,000.

Helen S. Yourex, 1088 Kasinof Ave., Hagerstown, to Carole Kemp, for $125,000.

Mistie M. McElroy, 1203 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, to Derrick A. and Lindsey M. Weller, for $208,000.

Ralph Hershfelt III and Virginia A. Hershfelt, 1102 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, to Sandra B. Meyer, for $209,900.

Carlos R. Rabanales et al., 1048 Kasinof Ave., Hagerstown, to Ephraim Properties LLC, for $128,000.

Michael Y. and Heather L. Yamamura, 18125 Clearway Drive, Hagerstown, to Jill Miller, for $190,000.

James F. Balogh, 131 N. Colonial Drive, Hagerstown, to Shawn G. and Jenna A. Johnson, for $130,000.

Steven Subetto, 730 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, to Jennifer Lynn Zeiner, for $84,500.

Arch Bay Holdings LLC, 124 S. Mont Valla Ave., Hagerstown, to Chad J. and Sarah Lipscomb, for $88,000.

Michael Skinner, 113-115 Bester St., Hagerstown, to Stacey L. Ridge, for $50,000.
Lou A. and Carole Ann Flegal, 1749 Edgewood Hill Circle, Hagerstown, to David L. and Deborah L. McGowan, for $60,000.

Lisa D. Keeper, 362 Daycotah Ave., Hagerstown, to Joshua D. and Cari A. Frazier, for $80,000.

17803 Daisy Drive LLC, 17803 Daisy Drive, Hagerstown, to Michael Y. and Heather L. Yamamura, for $230,000.

John W. and Kellis Routzahn, 7864 Fairplay Road, Fairplay, to Theodore G. and Janice L. Reeder, for $58,000.

Michael J. Alderton, 18549 Maugans Ave., Hagerstown, to Robert and Cathie Clemson, for $110,000.

Richmond L. Downey, 16715 Custer Court, Williamsport, to Charles Edward and Denise J. Wilson, for $79,000.

Barbara A. Reeder, 40 S. Main St., Keedysville, to Kenneth Lee Brandenburg III, for $125,000.

Brian N. Foltz et al., Ridge Road, Williamsport, to Douglas Gene Lohman, for $53,000.

Robert L. and Marjorie Dell, 17305 Cloverleaf Road, Hagerstown, to Christopher K. and Chelsea Christie, for $118,000.

James A. and Sharon Auldridge, 11012 Lincoln Ave., Hagerstown, to Michael C. Thompson, for $178,000.

David R. Rider, 1301 Lindsay Lane, Hagerstown, to Kevon B. and Vaishali P. Kothari, for 212,500.

Crista M. Armstrong, 12033 Greendale Drive, Hagerstown, to Richard D. Michael, for $182,500.

Joanne E. Kells, 20601 Jefferson Blvd., Hagerstown, to Robert J. Thompson III, for $114,000.

Claggetts Mill LC, 18701 Ballantyne Way, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $70,000.

Westfields Investment LLC, 18136 Prestwick Terrace, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $60,000.

Westfields Investment LLC, 9716 Coatbridge Lane, Hagerstown, to NVR Inc., for $69,000.

Evelyn M. Stevenson L/E, 12713 Bradbury Ave., Smithsburg, to Tahoe Properties LLC, for $96,000.

Ausherman Homes Inc., 13324 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, to Thomas Trimble and Stefanie, for $375,800.

Glenn E. Beagles, 10107 Melody Lane, Hagerstown, to Ricky E. and Sharon L. Martin, for $210,000.

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