Letters to the Editor - Aug. 7

August 05, 2011

Where is plan to cut county unemployment rate?

To the editor:

The Board of Elections in Washington County issued Report No. DP-011 dated July 1, 2011. This report, which appears to be voter registration statistics, shows that there are 36,897 Republicans, 30,908 Democrats, 14,379 Unaffiliated, 245 Libertarians, 227 Green, 99 Other and 30 "Con" (whatever they are) registered voters in Washington County. The total number of registered voters is 82,785.

The State of Maryland's local unemployment rates for the month of May 2011 range from a low of 5.2 percent in Montgomery County to the state average of 6.9 percent to 9.6 percent in Washington County to 10.4 percent in Worcester County. In fact, only Baltimore City, with 10.0 percent, Dorchester County, with 10.2 percent, and Worcester County, with 10.4 percent had higher unemployment rates in May 2011 than Washington County.

Public officials in Washington County can produce 300-plus pages detailing the county's yearly budget plan and 1,500-plus pages detailing the school system's master plan, and I say hoorah for all that. But where is a plan, any plan of any number of pages produced by the county's public officials detailing how to cut the county's unemployment rate?

The thousands of unemployed and underemployed registered voters in this county might want to consider how well or how poorly the county's public officials have tried to cut the county's unemployment rate before voting in the next election.

Daniel Moeller


Creationism is as scientific as one can get

To the editor:

Critical thinking depends on one thing: facts. A letter published July 27 proves that when opinions become facts that take the place of theories, society gets what society deserves and it doesn't include a state of utopia.

The writer surely jests, stating evolutionists take factual evidence and have the ability to interpret it. The only ability they seem to have is to take evidence and twist it from the realm of theory into scientific fact. Fairy tales are alive and well under the guise of theories woven into so-called 'facts.'

Stating a conservative judge, Rick Santorum and George Bush (all with questionable scientific expertise) to tout a victory for evolution is equivalent to putting all the parts of a pocket watch in a mechanized tumbler and constantly tumbling it, hoping the watch will flop together keeping perfect time.  

Creationism is as scientific as one can get. The Bible was written hundreds to thousands of years before the sciences were discovered and, yet, there are no known blunders with scientific facts contained in the Bible. Anyone who thinks creation by God is not intelligent design needs a crash course in logical thinking and the Bible.

The Bible and Watts Hymnal were good enough to be the reading texts in D.C. under President Jefferson presiding on the school board. It sure should be good enough today. Children might start learning something more than paganism and acting like animals as some of their parents do.

Phillip M. Snider

Martinsburg, W.Va.

Here's how to keep your pets cool in hot weather

To the editor:

Here are a few ways to keep your pets comfortable and safe during hot weather.

Dog houses: Please don't think that a dog house provides shade for a dog that does not already have a shaded area. All it does is become a hot box that the dog will not use. Dog houses should be kept in a shaded area if your dog is not one that can be kept in the house. A small child's swimming pool is a great thing to put in with a dog that must be kept outside. Better to kennel your dog in an air-conditioned home than keep it outside in heat.

Water: Take note how easy it is to make sun tea. The same thing happens to your dog's water, even in a shaded area. If you are working and will not be home to change the water frequently, you can take half-gallon milk cartons, fill them with water and put them in your freezer. This will provide a slow melt and your dog's water will stay cooler much longer.

Sunburn: Dogs and cats will sunburn. Black dogs and red dogs are at higher risk. Short-haired dogs or freshly clipped dogs also should be closely monitored when outside.

Heat stroke: Call your vet immediately and do not give the animal cold water. Signs of heat stroke are change in color of the tongue, enlargement of the tongue, excessive panting and a rise in body core body temperature. You can let your dog lick an ice cube and put a cool rag on its belly and under the armpits. Dogs should not be walked or run in this heat, as their body temperature can be increased quickly. Do not submerge your dog in a tub of water unless your vet advises it, because lowering the body temperature too quickly can be dangerous. Sometimes, all it takes is bringing the dog into a cool air-conditioned area.

Outside cats should be provided with water but are much less at risk of heat stroke. They always will find a cool place to get out of the heat.

Rabbits kept in hutches outside are also at risk of heat stroke, so make sure that your rabbits, if they must be kept outside, have plenty of water and are in a nice shaded area.

Always remember that if it is too hot for you to exercise, the same goes for your pets.

Angie Harsh

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