Letter to the Editor - Aug. 4

August 03, 2011

Omitted strip proves Mallard Fillmore's continuity

To the editor:

Believe it or not, "Mallard Fillmore" does have continuity. For instance, the strip for July 27 refers to the strip that was scheduled for July 22. The Herald-Mail didn't run that strip, whether due to a mix-up on the paper's part or King Features', so I'll give you a summary, to show that Bruce Tinsley's hard-hitting humor and cutting-edge commentary lose nothing when translated out of a visual medium.

(Mallard appears at left of strip, reading from a sheaf of papers.)

"We've just received word that the President's teleprompter has gone rogue, and disappeared, rather than affect a more 'folksy' tone for the campaign..."

(Image of a teleprompter displaying the word "NO!")

"...When asked about the rumor, the President reportedly had..."

(Image of a cross-eyed, jug-eared, long-chinned, possibly short-armed Muppet version of Barack Obama shrugging his shoulders and emitting a blank word balloon.)

" comment."

Austin Loomis

Chambersburg, Pa.

Editor's note: The July 22 Mallard Fillmore comic strip appears on this page.

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