Letters to the Editor - Aug. 3

August 03, 2011

Rowland’s Tea party tirade was a bit ‘extreme’

To the editor:

It is Sunday, the last day of July. And as I opened The Herald-Mail to my favorite section called “Opinion” and perused Tim Rowland’s discussion of “extreme” politics, I was vaulted from my seat, where I was enjoying the day’s heat, to my word processor. I just had to respond to this tirade on the Tea Party.

It seems that tried and true liberals like Tim just never learn anything new about recognizing real “extreme.” He cannot begin to recognize the true impact that the “party” has had on American opinion. His approach to counter their very existence is to downgrade them with second-rate comical descriptions. His opinion results in saying  “… yes it is possible to be too conservative.” He hints that right-wing proponents are just a step from “fascism.” He could not be more wrong.

He states that “wiser Republicans” who try to ignore Tea proponents have finally come to their senses. The new right is bent on revolution, he implies. “If the mainstream Republicans can’t rein in the Tea party at this point … the voters will do it for them,” he writes. Sorry, but wrong again. The elections of 2012 will contradict that  prediction. Tea party principles will prevail as more of Congress is replaced with members with their beliefs.

Conservatives have made their point in the elections of 2010. Without the contributions of people such as Sarah Palin, maybe it would never have occurred. The country is experiencing a swing to the right just like in 1980 with the Reagan Revolution.

After having seen what President Obama meant about changing America, when he graduated from a community organizer to be the president, we all are aware that “extreme” governance on the left can only usher in socialism, nothing less than more oppressive federal government.

We can expect that Mr. Rowland will continue to marginalize the Tea party, but keep in mind that the present administration is the epitome of “extreme” and radical.

Ned A. Garrett

Postal Service should raise rates for bulk mail

To the editor:

I see in Wednesday’s Herald-Mail (July 27) that the U.S. Postal Service is considering closing one out of 10 local branches.

Maybe, instead, they could raise the rates for the dirt cheap bulk mail so it actually pays for itself — and reduces the huge amount of junk mail that customers have to dispose of.

Burr Loomis
Chambersburg, Pa.

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