Mail Call - Aug. 3

August 03, 2011

“Are you proud of your representatives in Washington? Ask them what they did to compromise and reach an agreement on the debt ceiling, then vote to send them back to the circus. If you’re out of a job, I’ll vote for you if you run for Congress.”

— Greencastle, Pa.

“Just calling to thank Potomac Edison for the job they did, the Washington County Roads Department, for the storm that hit Dam No. 5 Road on Friday evening, and remarkably, to get our power back on was a great thing. We appreciate it so much up here that they just don’t realize it, and thank everybody.”

— Clear Spring

“I’m reading in the paper, ‘Analysis: U.S. debt burden among highest.’ Of course it is. We’ve been supporting half of the world, for how many years?”

— Halfway

“I’ve just moved to the Pleasant Valley area. Is there a reading club, women’s club, garden club, exercise classes, etc., etc., etc., in the Pleasant Valley area?”

— Pleasant Valley

“To the Hagerstown caller complaining about the BOE compliments about sending homework home with the kids, and it’s the parents’ responsibility to check it, and then the suggestion that we’ll give them half of their $75,000-a-year salary: Man, I hope you don’t have any children.”

— Funkstown

“Tuesday, July 26, the article from a Hagerstown person saying that the Washington County BOE teacher complaining about the children not doing their homework and the parents not making them do it and checking it, that in other words, you can do away with the teachers, and the parents will just take the whole responsibility. I’m in my late 60s, and when I was growing up, my parents helped and made sure we did our homework. That’s the trouble with America today. They’re getting so daggone lazy they don’t even want to take time to help their kids with their homework and further their education.”

— Smithsburg

“I’m calling in reference to the teachers and administrators of Washington County school board. I think it’s a disgrace that the teachers always want to blame the parents for the kids not learning. You know, these teachers are making between $50,000 to $80,000 a year. Here at this household, both of us have to work, and myself, I work a full-time and a part-time job to make ends meet. I think it’s time the teachers stepped up to the plate and earn the money that they are supposed to be earning.”

— Hagerstown

“I know there’s a noise ordinance for the city of Hagerstown. I don’t know how enforceable it is. I would imagine it’s kind of hard to enforce. My question is this. Up here on Salem Avenue, last couple of blocks of Salem Avenue, for some reason, tractor-trailers are constantly honking their horns, coming into town and leaving town. Now, this is probably the last two blocks, heading west on Salem Avenue. As they’re leaving town, they lay on their horns and play with their air brakes, and as they’re entering town on that part of Salem Avenue. What’s up with this? Does anybody know?”

— Hagerstown

“To all you left-wing callers who keep saying we need to raise taxes on the rich: Nonsense. We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. For example, in the past two years, the National Institutes of Health gave more than $30 million in grants, taxpayer dollars, to Chinese scientists in Chinese universities. And that’s one tiny example. Who knows how much more of such obscene, wasteful, unnecessary spending there is in the Obama administration’s trillion-dollar-plus budget. ... And if any of you callers would like to defend raising taxes on American citizens to give money to Chinese scientists, please do so. I’d just love to hear you try.”

— Frederick, Md.

“Wondering how the Republicans figure that President Obama is responsible for the high unemployment, when every day I hear where there are cutbacks, state-wise, around the country, federal-wise, all of these millions and trillions of cutbacks that they’re making, turns around and there are layoffs. Where are those people supposed to get jobs? They’re cut back in schools, everywhere, but yet Obama has to find them jobs. I don’t understand how the Republicans think.”

— Cearfoss

“Referring to the July 26 article in which the NAACP’s president, Benjamin Jealous, said legislation promoted by what he called racist elements in the Tea Party has surged in 47 states, as Barack Obama faces re-election in 2012, with 30 states passing some type of limitation on voting. This is a rash, inflammatory statement to publish without identifying. ... Would The Herald-Mail please publish the ‘some types of limitiations’ to which he is referring? I have attended several Tea Party events, and have never witnessed any racist elements.”

— Maugansville

“This is in regards to the Hagerstown caller who said that Jesus took care of the poor, not the rich, and the rich man will not make it to heaven. I don’t know what Bible you read, but that’s not what’s in mine. Greed will not get into heaven. But these people have worked their entire lives to get what they have; hardworking people who made their money legitimately. Granted, there are some out there who didn’t, but those who did will definitely get into heaven.”

— Washington County

“There isn’t any amount of money that would satisfy Washington’s tax-and-spend addiction. We have to get them under control. They need to spend less, with more efficiency. Please stop spending from those that aren’t even born yet. So many problems in social programs, no wonder they cost us more, and yet many work longer to retire than the grandparents and parents did. When did FDR begin to stand for Fraudulent Disability Racketeer? ... Food stamps for drugs, and kids still hungry. The list goes on. Being an American means honest, hardworking people, one nation under God. Let us all get back to that.”

— Hancock

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