Humane Society of Washington County receives most of budget from county

July 30, 2011|By DAN DEARTH |
  • Financial report
Financial report

The Humane Society of Washington County receives about $1.15 million of its $1.7 million annual budget from Washington County government, Humane Society Executive Director Paul Miller said.

Miller said the money that is provided the county is used, in part, to hire animal-control agents to enforce the Washington County Animal Control Ordinance. That includes hiring officers to respond to dog bites and other animal complaints made by the public.

The remaining 30 percent of the Humane Society's budget, or about $550,000, comes from gifts, fundraisers and other sources, he said. That money is used to provide humane services, such as animal adoption programs, and programs to spay and neuter pets.

"It's been a good partnership," Miller said of the Humane Society's funding arrangement with the county. "I can't complain."

Of the Humane Society's $4.7 million in assets, which include the land and building at 13011 Maugansville Road, $1.4 million was invested in securities, according to tax records for the fiscal year that lasted from July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2010.

The tax records for the most recent tax year were unavailable.

Miller said the Humane Society didn't have a lot of money invested when he was named executive director in September 2003. As a result, he asked the board of directors to establish an investment portfolio to help pay for emergencies and capital-improvement projects.

"I wanted to have money available if we needed it," said Miller, adding he would like to have about three times the humane society's annual budget, or about $4.5 million, to use as a cushion.

Miller said some of the projects that the humane society is considering include the construction of a center to train dogs, a spay-neuter clinic and a space to hold livestock that wander away from local farms.

Tax records show that the humane society received about $1.55 million from contributions and grants in fiscal year 2009-10. Its total revenue was about $2 million, compared to $1.75 million in expenses.

The humane society had $4.7 million in total assets and $106,391 in total liabilities, leaving net assets of about $4.6 million, according to tax documents.

Salaries, employee benefits and other compensation amounted to about $1.02 million, tax records show.

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