Ag Expo & Fair results

July 26, 2011

Champion and grand champions, open-class home arts and agricultural products at the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair:

Field products

Grand champion field products — Michael Forsythe

Champion corn — Donald Smith    

Champion hay — Forsythe

Fresh fruits

Champion fresh fruits — John Martin

Garden products

Grand champion garden products — Mary Harsh

Champion fresh vegetables — Harsh

Champion garden display — Harsh

Champion nuts — Seth Garnand


Grand champion horticulture — Joanna Calimer

Champion cut flowers — Miriam Paul

Champion potted plants  John Martin

Champion arrangement  Calimer

Champion herbs  Carol Barnhart

Food preservation

Grand champion food preservation  Janet Rohrer

Champion canned fruits  — Rohrer

Champion canned vegetables  — Rudy Sturgill

Champion soft spreads  — Rohrer

Champion pickles, relishes, salsas  — Carolyn Etzler

Champion dried and miscellaneous foods  — Jeanette Leadingham    

Baked goods and candies

Grand champion baked goods and candies  Carolyn Etzler

Champion quick breads, adult  Susan Stull

Champion yeast breads, adult  Cheryl Smith

Champion yeast breads, youth  Danielle Hill

Champion cakes, adult  Etzler

Champion cakes, youth  Abby Cleary

Champion pies  Janet Rohrer

Champion candies, adult  Ann Bowers

Champion candies, youth  Nicholas Baker

Champion cookies, adult  Devon Ketrow

Champion cookies, youth  Kara Burkett


Grand champion sewing  Cheryl Smith

Champion sewing, adult garments  Smith

Champion sewing, children's garments  Judy Williamson

Champion home furnishings construction  Smith


Grand champion needlework Jean Poole

Champion crocheting  Barbara Diefenderfer

Champion knitting  Diefenderfer

Champion quilting  Poole

Champion counted cross-stitch  Diefenderfer

Champion other stitchery  Joann Miller


Grand champion weaving  Margaret Kioseff

Champion hand weaving  — Kioseff

Champion bobbin lace  — Terry Edwards


Grand champion crafts  Michael Pridy

Champion crafts, youth  Bailey Wilson

Champion crafts, adult  Pridy


Grand champion woodworking  Richard Helfrich

Champion woodworking, youth  Riley Parker

Champion woodworking, adult  Helfrich


Grand champion art  Rachel Birkey

Champion art, amateur  Isaac Litton

Champion art, youth ages 9-13  Danielle Hill

Champion art, youth ages 14-18  Birkey


Grand champion photography  Deanna Molnar

Champion black and white, youth  Jaclyn Fiola

Champion black and white, adult  Molnar

Champion color, youth  Fiola

Champion color, adult  Molnar

Exhibits by adults with special needs

Champion  John Nichols

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