Take care of your pet during summer's dog days

July 26, 2011|Susie Hoffman | Around Funkstown

Sometimes, phrases that we like to repeat can seem more appropriate than at other times.

The adage “The dog days of summer” is one that I have been stuck on recently. Just when you think you can’t take it any more, the thermometer climbs yet again.

Why the weather report? As if you don’t already know that it is nothing short of miserable? Well, I want to remind you that these types of days really are not fit for our canine friends, either.

I am sure that you already know to keep plenty of fresh water available for pets and to offer them and a shelter with shade. Better yet, bring your furry friend inside.

When you see dogs panting heavily, that is a sign that they are truly miserable. Dogs have no way of sweating to cool themselves, so watch for signs of overheating.

I know that this should go without saying, but guess what? I am going to say it anyway. Please leave your dog at home when you’re out running errands. Cars and dogs in this heat are a fatal combination.

So even if these are the dog days of summer, please be kind and considerate to your dogs and spend extra time to ensure their safety and comfort.


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