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Letters to the Editor - July 22

July 22, 2011

Christians must cry out to save our dying country

To the editor:

First, let me preface what I am about to write with the following disclaimer. I am a Christian. I do not believe that I am better than anyone else. I believe that I am a sinner saved only by the grace and blood of my living, offended creator and savior. But I feel the time has come for Christians everywhere to cry out, as Jeremiah cried out, to save our lost and dying country. Or as the prophet Haggai, we need to cry out for us to consider our ways.

Abortion on demand: Ever think that we might have already killed the person to find the cure for cancer or the solution to world peace?

Certain government programs: Section 8 housing, food stamps, WIC, free health care and free transportation to get access to that free health care. It is not to the government that we should be looking to for our source. It is to God alone that we should look to for provision.

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants: Thank God for a man like Mr. (Neil) Parrott, with the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this nonsense.

Same-gender marriage: God instituted the sacrament of marriage to propagate the human race. When two men or two women can have a baby without the assistance of the other gender, then, and only then, can we call it a marriage.

Disability benefits for alcoholics and drug addicts: This needs no response; common sense should tell you that this is just plain dumb.

When are we going to admit that we are all sinners unable to save ourselves? When are we going to surrender our willful, sinful, selfish wills to that offended creator? And we wonder why the weather is so bad with tornadoes and record-setting flooding, why our economy is in the tank and why the price of daily necessities is skyrocketing? Do you really think that God is not aware of what we do when the door is closed and the lights are off?

We need look no further than our sin that we have flung in the face of an avenging God.

Florence M. Vincent

Questions abound after motorcycle helmets are stolen

To the editor:

My husband and I recently attended the Barbara Fritchie motorcycle races. We rode our motorcycle and arrived early, and parked in the grass area where cars park. We left our helmets on the foot pedals of the bike, just like you would leave something in your car.

We stayed for all the races. Upon leaving and returning to the bike, we discovered both our helmets were stolen. Yes, stolen. I am sure some of you readers’ first thought is we should not have left them in the first place. Our first thought was Maryland has a helmet law and we are subject to a fine without a helmet on Maryland roads. Second thought: We loved those helmets and paid hard-earned cash for them. Third thought: Now replacing them means more hard-earned money. Fourth thought: Why does Maryland have a helmet law?

Without this law, we would be able to travel to our home without fear of a fine. We would not have had to pay around $350 for the helmets. Finally, someone’s soul could have been saved by not being a thief. Freedom of choice.

In conclusion, we called the police to file a report. A wonderful citizen, Mr. Trey, loaned us two helmets. Thank you so much and bless you.

For you see, neither the state of Maryland nor the police have helmets to loan you when something like this happens. Our insurance carries a $500 deductible, so no money from them.

We purchased two helmets. On mine, I placed a sticker that reads, “WWJD.” It means, “What Would Jesus Do?” Tempted to steal this one? Oh yes, even without the helmet law, I would wear a helmet.

Connie Cramer

Take time today to let someone know you love them

To the editor:

Often, I address political concerns from the venue. However, our politics is not our greatest concern today. It is such a joy to see the eyes of little ones as you bring to them special gifts of love by giving first of yourself to God and then serving others. Often, we have the privilege of giving food free to families in the area. What a joy it is to bring a smile to the faces of others as God sends the blessings to us.

Our joy is not limited to just the little ones, but also to our senior citizens, who are so appreciative of a visit and some of the goodies given to us to bless them with. When we give of our time to visit others and minster to others through our friendship, we truly show forth the love of Jesus Christ. In a day when everything can be at our fingertips in communication, we have lost the art of visitation of the elderly and those in need of a friend. If you can today, find time to go see an old friend or stop by one of your senior citizens in the community. Show you care and that you love them, and God will bless you.

We experience joy on different levels. Some of us enjoy just working and stop at just that. In so doing, we get so busy that we forget to make time for others. This week, may I encourage you to bring joy to a life with whom you are acquainted. Let them know you love them and give them that extra boost of moral support as your hands and feet do something special for them by lending a helping hand.

Sad to say that the only time we visit is when a loved one passes, and then we say to ourselves, I wish I would have seen them earlier. Don’t put off today what you can do today. God will take care of the tomorrows of our life. Place your faith in Him wholeheartedly and then go about doing good as you model the life of our Lord, who Himself went about doing good daily. Let’s model Jesus Christ and He will open doors of ministry for all of us if we only “Follow Him.”

Ron Payne
Hedgesville, W.Va.

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